National Army Museum

Just visited the National Army Museum in London, located on Royal Hospital Road, next to the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

The National Army Museum reopened on 30 March 2017, after a three year closure when the old museum was completely rebuilt. The museum is the UK’s national museum for the British Army.

Since its re-opening the history of the Army is explained through galleries dedicated to a particular theme (instead of having exhibitions on set historical periods). The gallery themes are Soldier, Army, Society, Battle and Insight.

I was disappointed that both the 2nd Afghan and the 2nd Anglo-South African wars were not covered in greater detail, as they were both extremely important in several fields covered by the various gallery themes, such as forcing the adoption of new tactics in dealing with a new enemy’s style of fighting.

Also the National Army Museum’s large collection of Victoria Cross (VC) medals could have been used in themed galleries. Whilst there are some VCs displayed in some of the cabinets, there are some notable VCs missing such as those awarded to Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts, and his son Frederick Roberts; one of three Father and Son VC recipients.

I was very pleased with the display of some of the museum’s large collection of paintings, including some created in more recent conflicts such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.