A response to the open-air movie show at Brookwood Military Cemetery.

I have just had a good exchange of tweets, on Twitter, with the Director-General of the CWGC, Victoria Wallace.

I did thank her for replying to my tweets.

I reiterated my views that having an open-air movie display in Brookwood Military Cemetery was disrespectful, and not the behaviour that one would expect in a cemetery (military or otherwise). The fact that the movie was about Violette Szabo, GC  (who is commemorated on the Brookwood 1939-45 Memorial) and that her daughter Tania Szabo would be present, does not alter the fact that you don’t have open-air movie events in any cemetery (military or civilian).

The Director-General replied that the show will not be near any graves. Brookwood Military Cemetery does cover a large area, with some open spaces.

The best outcome I can hope for, is that the weather changes and it absolutely pours down with rain, which would involve cancellation of the event; which you are warned about on the web site selling tickets for the all-ticket event.