A response from the CWGC.

I’ve just received a response from the CWGC, regarding my email I sent about the lack of respect shown by having an open-air movie show in Brookwood Military Cemetery.

The CWGC reply stated:

We do not consider the screening of ‘Carve Her Name With Pride’,  at Brookwood Military Cemetery, as disrespectful in any way;  on the contrary, we believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for people to visit a beautiful and fascinating cemetery and to learn about the life of one of the casualties that we commemorate on a memorial within the Cemetery.

The CWGC also seem to think that the presence of Tania Szabo (Violette Szabo’s daughter) somehow excuses their conduct in having the open-air event.

The CWGC obviously don’t seem to realise that while the military cemetery has plenty of space, the sound of the feature film will travel throughout most of the military cemetery.

Some people at the CWGC just seem to have no idea at all, about the expected conduct in a place of tranquility and reflection.

Would the Americans, who have a large plot of WWI casualties in Brookwood Military Cemetery, have an open air film show in Arlington National Cemetery? I think not!

A far better and more respectful way of increasing public interest in Brookwood Military Cemetery, would be to repeat the public day held on Saturday 2 September 2017. On this day, there were guides available to show people around this large military cemetery and other events – all done with dignity and respect.