Criminals listed on Brookwood 1939-45 Memorial.

The BBC web site has the an article about Theodore Schurch and his name being listed on the Brookwood 1939-45 Memorial. The BBC article can be found here.

My series of articles on Theodore Schurch can be found here.

The BBC article fails to mention that there are 17 (seventeen) murderers also listed on the Brookwood 1939-45 Memorial. These were soldiers convicted in normal civilian courts, before a judge and jury, of murder. Sentenced to death, they were executed by hanging in various British prisons and then buried within the prison grounds.

The 17 murderers and Theodore Schurch (tried by General Courts Martial in London during September 1945) are all listed on the memorial because the Army did not discharge them before their execution. Consequently, they meets the requirements for commemoration by the CWGC.

The Royal Air Foce (RAF) did discharge its personnel found guilty of capital crimes before their execution. In the case of Leading Aircraftsman Gordon Cummins, who was found guilty of the muder of Evelyn Oatley, he was discharged from the RAF prior to his execution on 25 June 1942 at Wandsworth Prison. Consequently, Cummins was a civilian when he died.