William (Bill) Speakman, VC

Bill Speakman, VC, died on 20 June 2018 aged 90 in London.

William Speakman was one of four recipients of the Victoria Cross medal awarded for valour during the Korean War 1950-53: James Power Carne, Philip Kenneth Edward Curtis*, Kenneth Muir* and William Speakman.

The George Cross was award three time during the Korean War: Derek Godfrey Kinne, Horace William Madden* and Terrance Edward Waters*.

Those names marked * indicate a posthumous award.

Information about the Victoria Cross awards can be found at https://www.stephen-stratford.com/korea_gcs.htm

Information about the George Cross awards can be found at https://www.stephen-stratford.com/korea_gcs.htm

A film showing in a military cemetery near you!

The CWGC have announced that on 30 September 2017, they will be showing the film “Carve her name with Pride” in Brookwood Military Cemetery.

Whilst the subject of the film, Violette Szabo, is commemorated on the Brookwood 1939-45 Memorial, contained within the military cemetery, this is no excuse and just shows that some people in the CWGC have no idea about the conduct expected in a military cemetery.

Whilst I support the CWGC in showing the history of people buried and commemorated in Brookwood Military Cemetery, I wonder what the next event of bad taste from the CWGC will be?

I have made a formal complaint to the CWGC.