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This page contains a table which provides a very brief summary of Japanese activities in the Far East.

Japan in Asia 1894-1945

The following table summarises Japanese actions in Asia during the period 1894-1945.


First Sino-Japanese war -- fledging Japanese navy defeats Chinese fleet off Yalu River. Fortress of Port Arthur (Lushun) stormed. After the war, Japan seizes Taiwai and S. Manchuria.


Annexation of Korea.


Hirohito becomes Emperor.

1931 Sept. 18

"The Mukden Incident" -- Bomb explodes under Japanese-owned express train in Manchuria (planted by Japanese secret agents); Japanese troops proceed to occupy all Manchuria.


Chinese boycott of Japanese goods leads to the "Battle of Shanghai"; Japanese aircraft carriers in action for the first time. League of Nations condemns Japanese aggression in Manchuria.


Japan withdraws from League of Nations.


Pu Yi -- former emperor of China -- becomes puppet emperor of Manchukuo (Manchuria).

1937 July

"The China Incident" -- a skirmish between Japan and Chinese troops at the Marco Polo Bridge (Luguoqiao), near Peking, sparks off a full scale invasion of China.

1937 August

Japanese bombers make the first trans-oceanic raids in history -- from Taiwan and Kyushu to Nanking and Shanghai.

1937 Nov

Imperial General Headquarters established in Tokyo (the Emperor, the Chiefs of the Army, and Naval General Staffs).

1937 Dec

The Nanking Massacre (Rape of Nanking) -- the Chinese capital sacked by Japanese troops. The American gunboat USS Panay bombed and sunk near Nanking.

1938 Dec

Japan proclaims a "New Order in East Asia".

1940 May

Chungking -- war capital of China -- bombed day and night Sept. by Japanese.

1940 Sept

Japanese troops occupy northern Indo-China. Japan signs Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy.

1941 July

Japanese troops occupy southern French Indo-China.

1941 Dec. 6

President Roosevelt addresses a personal appeal for peace to Emperor Hirohito.

1941 Dec. 7

Japan raids Pearl Harbour, invades Siam, Hong Kong, Burma, North Borneo, the Dutch East Indies, the Philippines and Pacific Islands. Britain and United States declare war on Japan.

1942 May

Japanese midget submarines attack shipping in Diego Suarez harbour (Madagascar) and Sydney Harbour (Australia).

1942 Jun

Battle of Midway -- Japanese Carrier Force defeated off Midway Island and the invasion abandoned.

1943 Nov

Issue of Cairo Declaration.

1944 April

U.S. forces land on Okinawa.

1944 July

Issue of Postdam Declaration to Japan.

1945 August

Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Russia declares war on Japan. Japan surrenders.

1945 Sept

Surrender ceremony aboard USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

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