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The 13th-century Buckland Abbey south of Tavistock was lived in by both the (Sir Richard) Grenville and (Sir Francis) Drake families of seafaring fame and contains a maritime history museum. The austere granite Castle Drogo on the northeastern edge of Dartmoor is Great Britain's last private home built (1910–30) on a grand scale.

The small market centres and administrative centres of Tavistock and Okehampton are located on the southwestern and northern edges of Dartmoor, respectively.

The War Memorial

Tavistock War Memorial (Stratford family)

The War Memorial

Tavistock War Memorial (Stratford family)

This page contains the results of some research that I have done on the names listed on the War Memorial in Tavistock, Devon.

I would espeically recommend the following publication if you are interested in finding out more information about the WWI names on the memorial:

"We will Remember Them" by Alex Mettler and Gerry Woodcock. Published by The Tavistock & District Local History Society. ISBN: 0-9544284-1-2

First World War

WWI Names

Some of the First World War name (Stratford family).

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Second World War

WWII Names

The scroll leaning on the left-hand side contains the list of Second World War names (Stratford family).

Pte. E.D. Sussex

Grave of Private Sussex in Jonkerbos War Cemetery, The Netherlands (Stephen Stratford 2007).

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