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Berkhamsted, the birthplace of Graeme Greene on 2 October 1904, Sir Michael Hordern on 3 October 1911 and Esther Rantzen on 22 June 1940, is located 28 miles (45 km) northwest of London on an old coaching route along the Bulbourne Valley of the Chiltern Hills in Hertfordshire.

Berkhamsted Castle

Remains of Berkhamsted Castle (Stephen Stratford 2002)

A Norman 'motte and bailey' castle was established at Berkhamsted by William The Conqueror's half-brother Robert, Count of Mortain. During the 12th century the castle was rebuilt in stone and became a ruin after 1495.

St Peter's Church

Berkhamsted's St Peter's Church with War Memorial in front (Stephen Stratford 2002)

Berkhamsted War Memorial

Berkhamsted War Memorial (Stephen Stratford 2002)

In the above picture, the World War One names are located on panels which are around the memorial's base and the Second World War names are on panels around the base of the cross. The War Memorial was undergoing restoration when I took the photograph.

First World War

Click here for a list of the World War One names on the war memorial.

Berkhamsted War Memorial contains the names of one WWI Merchant Navy casualty who is listed on the Tower Hill Memorial.

Stott, E

Entry for Ship's Master Edwin Stott (Stephen Stratford 2006).

Edwin Stott was the Master of the SS Conch. He died on 7 December 1916.

The Conch was a vessel of the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company. She was built in 1909 by the Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson shipyard. The ship's displacement was 5620 tons with dimensions of 400 x 51.3 x 29.5 feet. Her 448 nominal horsepower triple-expansion engines provided a maximum speed of 11 knots.

The vessel was torpedoed and sunk by a submarine, 12 miles south by west of Anvil Point; 28 people were killed.

Second World War

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