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Cross of Sacrifice at Duhallow ADS Cemetery (Stephen Stratford 2011).

Heading north from Ieper, walking along the Diksmuidseweg (the N369) towards the village of Boezinge, there are four cemeteries along the road. The first cemetery is Duhallow ADS Cemetery.

Duhallow ADS Cemetery

Duhallow Advance Dressing Station (ADS) Cemetery was started in July 1917 during the Battle of Pilckem Ridge. The cemetery was named after the ADS that occupied this area, which in turned was named after a southern Irish hunt. The cemetery contains 1544 Commonwealth casualties of the First World War including two special memorials and 231 unknown soldiers. There are also 57 war graves of other nationalties and 1 Commonwealth War Grave from May 1940. The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

French (marked by a cross), Commonwealth & Belgian (grey stone) graves (Stephen Stratford 2011).


Some of the tightly packed graves in Duhallow ADS Cemetery (Stephen Stratford 2011).

Special Memorials

The cemetery contains two special memorials. These commemorate casualties known to buried in Malakoff Farm Cemetery (Brielen) and Fusilier Wood Cemetery (Hollebeke). These two cemeteries were later destroyed by shellfire and the graves could not be recoverd after the First World War.

Special Memorial for graves subsequently lost at Malakoff Cemetery (Stephen Stratford 2011).


Special Memorial for graves subsequently lost at Fusilier Wood Cemetery (Stephen Stratford 2011).


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