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This pages lists the Operation Freshman personnel and their final resting place. I have also provided a description of the cemetery or memorial that they are commemorated on. The list of personnel was extracted from numerous document at the PRO. The details of their final resting place was provided by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's web site.

All the personnel either died in the crash of the two guilders, or were subsequently murdered by the German occupation forces in Norway.

Those soldiers who have no known grave are commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial. These soldiers were murdered by the Germans and their remains dumped in the sea. Their bodies have never been recovered. Click here to read about the war crimes trial of those people involved in their murder.

The other servicemen are buried in three cemeteries in Norway: Stavanger (Eiganes) Churchyard, Oslo Western Civil Cemetery and Helleland Churchyard.

Stavanger (Eiganes) Graves

This section list the Freshman personnel buried in Stavanger (Eiganes) Churchyard, Norway. The details were supplied from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's web site.

Full Name Rank & No Unit Age Grave Date
Alex Charles Allen Lieutenant 137173 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 24 Z.13 19/11/1942
Ernest William Bailey Sapper 1869293 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 31 Z.17 19/11/1942
John Thomas Vernon Belfield Driver 2016305 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 26 Z.5 19/11/1942
Howell Bevan Sapper 2074196 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 22 Z.4 19/11/1942
Frederick William Bray Lance Corporal 1884418 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 29 Z.3 19/11/1942
Alexander Campbell Lance Corporal 1923037 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 24 Z.2 19/11/1942
Norman Arthur Davies Pilot Officer 401422 Royal Australian Air Force 28 Z.9 20/11/1942
Peter Doig Sergeant 350420 1st Glider Pilot Regt 25 Z.12 19/11/1942
Thomas William Faulkner Sapper 2115238 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 22 Z.1 19/11/1942
Herbert John Fraser Pilot Officer 401601 Royal Australian Air Force 28 Z.10 20/11/1942
Charles Henry Grundy Sapper 1886725 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 22 Z.18 19/11/1942
Frederick Healey Lance Sergeant 4385760 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 29 Z.22 19/11/1942
John Glen Vernon Hunter Sapper 2110332 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 22 Z.23 19/11/1942
William Jacques Sapper 2114930 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 30 Z.24 19/11/1942
George Knowles Lance Sergeant 1871585 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 28 Z.14 19/11/1942
Herbert Legate Sapper 1922713 9 (Airborne) Field Coy ? Z.19 19/11/1942
David Alexander Methven GM Lieutenant 210866 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 20 Z.21 20/11/1942
Robert Norman Sapper 2110268 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 22 Z.25 19/11/1942
Ernest Pendlebury Driver 2000197 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 25 Z.7 19/11/1942
George Simkins Driver 1884423 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 30 Z.26 19/11/1942
Leslie Smallman Sapper 2068169 261 (Airborne) Field Coy ? Z.6 19/11/1942
James May Stephen Sapper 2010697 261 (Airborne) Field Coy ? Z.8 19/11/1942
Malcolm Frederick Strathdee Staff Sergeant 320272 1st Glider Pilot Regt ? Z.11 19/11/1942
John George Llewellyn Thomas Corporal 2076750 261 (Airborne) Field Coy 23 Z.15 19/11/1942
Gerald Stanley Williams Sapper 1948916 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 18 Z.16 19/11/1942


Oslo Western Civil Cemetery Graves

This section list the Freshman personnel buried in Oslo Western Civil Cemetery, Norway. The details were supplied from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's web site.

Full Name Rank & No Unit Age Grave Date
James Frank Blackburn Sapper 1900803 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 28 1.B.8 18/1/1943
Frank Bonner Sapper 1906932 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 25 2.B.8 18/1/1943
Robert Evans Able Seaman D/JX 283626 H.M.S Titania 21 1.B.7 18/1/1943
Wallis Mahlon Jackson Lance Corporal 4537415 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 21 2.B.9 18/1/1943
John Wilfred Walsh Sapper 2073797 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 21 2.B.6 18/1/1943
Thomas William White Sapper 1875800 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 23 1.B.9 18/1/1943


Able Seaman Evans was captured after an earlier raid which attempted to sink the Tirpitz. As outlined in the report, they were all initially kept at Grini Concentration camp before executed together at Trandum.

Helleland Churchyard

This section list the crew of the 2nd Halifax which towed Glider No. 2 (click here for a list of the crew of this glider). All these service personnel are buried in Helleland Churchyard.

Helleland Churchyard

Helleland Churchyard (Leif Jørum)

Full Name Rank & No Role Unit Age Grave Date
Albert Buckton Flight Sergeant 751516 W.Op./Air Gnr RAF(VR) 23 2 20/11/1942
George Mercier Edwards Flight Sergeant 1259259 Air Gunner RAF(VR) 24 3 20/11/1942
James Falconer Sergeant 573120 Flt. Engr RAF 20 5 20/11/1942
Arnold Thomas Hayward Haward Flying Officer 115977 Observer RAF(VR) 28 1 20/11/1942
A.R. Parkinson Flight Lieutenant Pliot RCAF ? 4 20/11/1942
Arthur Edwin Thomas Flight Lieutenant 101580 Navigator RAF(VR) 32 6 20/11/1942
Gerard Walter Sewell De Gency Pilot Officer 116942 Co-pilot RAF(VR) 20 7 20/11/1942


Flight Sergeant A. Buckton(Leif Jørum)

Pilot Officer G.W. Sewell De Gency(Leif Jørum)


Flight Sergeant G.M. Edwards(Leif Jørum)


Flying Officer A.T.H. Haward(Leif Jørum)


Flight Lieutenant A.R. Parkinson(Leif Jørum)

Flight Lieutenant A.E. Thomas(Leif Jørum)

Brookwood Memorial

This section list the four Freshman personnel who are commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial. After they were murdered by the German Forces (click here for an account of their deaths), their bodies were taken out and dumped at sea. Consequently, they have no known grave.

Their exact date of their murder is unknown. At the war crimes trial of their murderers, the charge stated that they were killed sometime during November 1942.

Full Name Rank & No Unit Age Panel Column Date
James Dobson Cairncross Corporal 2110314 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 22 5 1 19/11/1942
Peter Paul Farrell Driver 2010213 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 26 7 3 19/11/1942
Trevor Louis Masters Lance Corporal 1872832 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 25 5 2 19/11/1942
Eric John Smith Sapper 1892979 9 (Airborne) Field Coy 24 7 1 19/11/1942
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