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This article briefly explains the various campaign medals awarded to British service personnel involved in The Gulf War 1990-91.

The Gulf Medal

The UK's Gulf Medal was awarded for service in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during 1990-91. The ribbon has a sand-coloured broad band flanked on either side by thin vertical stripes of dark blue, red and light blue. The sand colour represents the desert, and the blue, red and light blue represent the three services: Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

The medal's obverse (side worn outwards) consists of the crowned profile of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse consists of an eagle and an automatic rifle superimposed on an anchor. The dates of the gulf war, 1990-91, appear at the foot. The medal was issued with two clasps: 2 Aug 1990 and 16 Jan - 28 Feb 1991.

This medal was awarded to personnel who had thirty days continuous service in the Middle East (including Cyprus) between 2 August 1990 and 7 March 1991, or seven days between 16 January 1991 and 28 February 1991, or service with the Kuwait Liaison Team on 2 August 1990, the date of the Iraqi invasion.

Saudi Arabian Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait

This Saudi Arabian medal was awarded by the Saudi Government to all Allied personnel who took part in the campaign to liberate Kuwait.

The medal's ribbon is green with edges of red, black and white.

The white metal medal has a star of fifteen long and short round-tipped rays, surmounted by a bronze circle bearing a crowned and enwreathed globe on which appears a map of Arabia. Above the circle is the national state emblem of Saudi Arabia. A scroll inscribed in Arabic and English "Liberation of Kuwait" appears round the foot of the circle.

Kuwaiti Liberation Medal

This medal was issued in five grades and awarded according to the recipient's rank:

The Grade

Recipient's Rank


Senior Allied Commanders


Brigadiers and Major-Generals


Officers of Field Rank


Junior Officers


All Other Ranks

The circular medals have different decorative versions of the Kuwaiti state emblem on the obverse, enshrined in a five-petalled flower (Second Grade), a five-pointed star with radiate background (Third Grade) and a plain medallic treatment (Fourth Grade).

The medal's ribbon is composed of equal stripes of green, white and red.

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