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I Am Looking Vip Sex I am looking to become a houseboi

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I am looking to become a houseboi

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Your photo get's mine, please no spam. All my pals go to bed early and im a night person so i'm generally up late and have nobody to write to, if your in which exact same scenario and also want to get hold Springfield nebraska dating to know somebody brand new i'm your gal. I can tell jokes and make you laugh. Looking for the chance to find someone who really matters.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Am Wanting Sexy Dating
City: Nashville, TN
Hair: Dyed blond
Relation Type: _Just A Quick Fuck And Go.

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Before you start the application process, we'd like to make sure you understand a few things about what a TRUE houseboy is and what it entails within our relationship. It is a state of mind! The houseboy must have a submissive personality but shows freedom in creativity.

A houseboy position is never that of a "slave" as some of the judgmental types like to think. So think of a houseboy as a lifestyle first! If you're not happy in that kind of life, it is not for you.

.Houseboi .com - The Original and Best Source for a Houseboy or Seeker of a Houseboi Online!

Lastly, the subject of sex comes up. Houseboys are not a slave that someone can use at any time. That is called a "slave" and is a whole other lifestyle we won't talk about here. Some houseboys want sex to be part of the deal and some don't. This is another area where we will be sure it is addressed up front before a position is offered. Please NOTE: If this sounds like something you are interested in, then please proceed. Think about your answers and do not shy away from I am looking to become a houseboi truth.

The more honest we feel you are being, the more likely you are to be chosen! Basic Questions Name: Closest Major City: Lawton screw my wife Address: Phone Number: Describe your current Housing situation?

If in a lease, when is your lease up? With Parents.

I am looking to become a houseboi I Searching Teen Sex

With Friends. With Other Family. Other please specify. Describe your current working situation Do you work?

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Kind of work? Hours worked? On a scale, how ready are you to commit to a leap to this kind of situation? Tell us what duties you will or will not perform: Laundry No.

Laundry Maybe. Office Assistant Yes. Office Assistant No.

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Office Assistant Maybe. Animal care and feeding Yes. Animal care and feeding No. Animal care and feeding Maybe. Bathroom Cleaning Yes. Bathroom Cleaning No. Bathroom Cleaning Maybe. Walking Dogs Yes. Walking Dogs No. Walking Dogs Maybe. Being nude Yes. Being nude No. Being nude Maybe.

Read House Boi - Free Sex Story on! I have been searching for a house boi for sometime now. You know, a He was not very good at being sly. Armond decides to sign a contract and become a houseboi who obeys I'd love to see him trained to be the perfect himbo trophyboy, taken out. House boi Training Ah heck, at least I didn't become an Art History Major! I could feel myself blush with shame as he looked at me and I could not look.

Errands Yes. Errands No.

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Errands Maybe. Dishwashing Yes. Dishwashing No. Dishwashing Maybe. Giving Massages Yes. Giving Massages No. Giving Massages Maybe. Cleaning Cars Yes. Cleaning Cars No.

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Cleaning Cars Maybe. General House Cleaning Yes. General House Cleaning No.

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General House Cleaning Maybe. Other heavy yard work Yes. Other heavy yard work No. Other heavy yard work Maybe.

House boi Training - Gay Male -

Cooking Yes. Cooking No. Cooking Maybe. Bathing nude hosts Yes. Bathing nude hosts No. Bathing nude hosts Maybe.

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Other lite yard work Yes. Other lite yard work No.

Other lite yard work Maybe. Grocery Shopping Yes.

Houseboi Application Survey

Grocery Shopping No. Grocery Find Lockridge Maybe. Mowing Yes. Mowing No. Mowing Maybe. Tell us your feelings about this issue! I am not interested in anything sexual. Please complete these final non-sexual questions.

When would you be available to relocate to Dallas, Texas; if selected?

How can we contact you You can choose more than one? Windows Messenger: Regular Mail: Laundry Yes. Office Assistant. Animal care and feeding. Bathroom Cleaning. Walking Dogs.

Being nude. Giving Massages.

Cleaning Cars. General House Cleaning. Other heavy yard work. Bathing nude hosts. Other lite yard work.