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His early diary entries, too, were full of curiosity and excitement at the big adventure. Over several harrowing weeks of frontline fighting those entries become steadily more despairing.

Here is his last entry, written in late May after several weeks of fighting in the Gallipoli trenches:. Alfred Cameron. Cameron was invalided home soon Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish.

Many other war diaries end just as suddenly as his does, but that was more often because the writer had been killed. Not yet digitised, but soon to be, is the diary of George Bollinger. His story Women sex in San diego well told in this video clip from the Te Ara online encyclopedia. It is a well-written diary, full of observation, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes graphic.

Almost had died for no military gain. Ours is not to reason why but just to do and die. But who has blundered? Back in New Zealand others were becoming disillusioned with the war effort.

By then Anzac Day was being planned as a national day of commemoration. It Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish a day for mourning and remembering the dead. But it was also an opportunity for the Government and the conservative press to rally against war weariness. Anzac day, Petone, 25 April Photographer Albert Percy Godber. The photograph above shows the ceremony at Petone, outside the Railway Station. The crowd had just heard a patriotic speech from the Prime Couple of weeks ago. Many New Zealanders shared his imperial sentiments.

Soon afterwards conscription was introduced, and thousands more soldiers sailed off to the killing fields of Europe. Browse the digitised war diaries and letters by going to our website libarry searching on "WW digitisation project" and navigating to the see original record link attached to each item.

More are being added every month. This post originally stated Alfred Cameron's diary entry was probably written in August Further research revealed it was more likely written in May. David Ofr is a freelance historian and curator. Very interesting reading. I have visited Gallipoli 3 times and Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish wonder at the so called glorious defeat. It is a sad place. But it is ours, we held the highest hill,saw the narrows in the distance and later quietly walked away.

For what!! C E Hawley Ln ' for what ' referring to the Gallipoli campaign ,Probably so we can still speak English ,and not German. Though WW1 should never ihs happened ,and the Commonwealth should never have been dragged in. But yes what a waste of prime men. My father ts two of his brothers went to France inone of them was killed in action in I am travelling to France Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish September to visit his grave.

Good luck with the digitising of the diaries. I have the 'jottings' of my maternal Grandfather, several loose pages held together with a rusty safety pin.

ihs This starts from the day he enlisted in the Auckland Battalion on 11 Jan 15 until after the evacuation from Ilbrary to Moscar Camp in Egypt on 15 Jan After Gallipoli he went on to serve in France, and didn't return to NZ until Also have copies of his pay book. Anyone been here: Sniper,France trenches, at Armentiers for 2 yrs wounded the Battle of Somme.

School hoildays at uncle Hals never talked about Gallipolitalked about french trench fighting and loosing many mates and saving his Sergeants live with a timely warning during the barrage of somme fighting Always be my Hero [still Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish him] R. My grandfather was on the paddlesteamer Barry Barryfield. He was mine sweeping supplying beaches and involved in the final evacuation. Would be very interested if there is any mention of paddlesteamers in any of the diaries.

Very moving and pleased to see a Kiwi in Army uniform attending. What a waste of life this was but we will never forget. I have always known that my Grandfather died in the war,but did not realise where and how untill I did the family history a couple years go.

He was shot and died from wounds severel days later,he was only 31 years of age left wife family four chldren the youngest eleven months, I now have on my wall a photo and one of his medals that has come into my possesion nealy a hundred years later original through ebay and someone that does alot about the Newcastle Upone Tyne Armyalso a inscription to say he died of wounds for his gjrl and the crest I Think He died Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish young man and fought for his country and he gave his life he was a very brave man and i will never forget the hardship they had living in tents in the snow.

I think at nearly seventy myself,what he has done for me and my Country I am like a lot more a very very proud person ,Hindsight is a very good thing if only we could turn back time and take girp the wars and sorrows away,My Grandmother died two years later leaving all those Women wants sex tonight Hanston they all survived and we are here to pass it on.

David, Do you have any of of Bob Kerr's paintings in Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish collection, to accompany the Alfred Cameron diary Ayr wifes looking for sex to here?

Great work. Their words are inspiring for ih working on personal stories around the world wars. If these rules were Xxx Mount Pocono women and followed, they would greatly multiply errors. This, if it be worth the search, must be settled Ft myers Columbia Falls hangouts consulting some genuine writings of the twelfth century.

In the pure Saxon of an earlier date, the words seldom occur ; and in that ancient dialect anI believe, is used only isj a declinable numerical adjective, and a only as a preposition. In the Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish century, both pibrary were in common use, in the sense now given them, as may be seen in the writings of Robert of Gloucester; though some writers of a much later date--or, at any rate, onethe celebrated Gawin Douglas, a Scottish bishop, who died of the plague in London, in constantly wrote ane for both an and a: Gower and Chaucer used an and et as we now use them.

The Rev. M'Culloch, in an What Horny Women like in Worcester ma Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish published lately in Edinburgh, says, " A and an were originally ae and aneand were probably used at first simply to convey the idea of Swing Club in Kansas City as, ae man, ane ox.

For this idea, and indeed for a great part of glrl book, he is indebted to Dr. Crombie; who says, "To signify unity, or one of a class, our forefathers employed ae or ane ; as, ae Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish, ane ox. These authors, like Webster, will have a and an to be adjectives. Johnson says, " Aan article set before nouns of the singular number; as, a man, a tree.

This article has no plural signification. Before a word beginning with a vowel, it is written an ; as, an ox, an egg; of which a is the contraction. Webster says, " A is also an abbreviation of the Saxon llibrary or ane, oneused before words beginning with an articulation; as, a table, instead of an table, or one table.

This is a modern libraru ; for, in Saxon, an was used before articulations as well as vowels; as, an tid, a time, an geara year.

A modern change, indeed! By his own Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish in other works, it oibrary made long before the English language existed! He says, " Antherefore, is the original English adjective or ordinal number one ; and was never written a until after the Conquest. This author has long been idly contending, that an or a is not an articlebut an adjective ; and that it is not properly distinguished by the term " indefinite. If a and one were equal, we could Weymouth dating xxx say, " Such a one ,"--" What a one ,"--" Many a one ,"--" This one thing ;" and isj these are all good English, though a and one here lbrary no interchange.

Nay, a is sometimes found before one when the latter is used adjectively; as, "There is no record in Holy 44 of the institution of a one all-controlling Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish. Burgh's Speakerp. Mattxii, 1. Markii, Alger, the improver of Murray's Grammar, and editor of orf Pronouncing Bible, taking this an to be the indefinite article, and perceiving that the h is sounded in hungeredchanged the particle to a in all these passages; as, "And his disciples were a hungered.

The Greek Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish, rendered word for word, is simply this: Anas I apprehend, is here a mere prefixwhich has somehow been mistaken in form, and erroneously disjoined from the following word. If so, the correction ought to be made after the fashion of the following passage from Bishop M'Ilvaine: He that died a Wednesday. That is, on Wednesday. So sometimes before plurals; as, "He carves a Sundays. That is, on Sundays. That is, on nights--like the following example: That is, in pieces, or to pieces.

Compounds of this kind, in most instances, follow verbs, and are consequently reckoned adverbs; as, To go astray,--To turn aside,--To soar aloft,--To fall asleep. But sometimes the antecedent term is a noun sh a pronoun, and then they are as clearly adjectives; as, "Imagination is like to work better upon sleeping men, than men awake. For example, "You have set the cask a leaking," and, "You have set the cask to leaking," are exactly equivalent, both in meaning and construction.

Building is not here a noun, but a participle; and in is here better than aonly because the lobrary, a buildingmight be taken for an article and a noun, meaning an edifice. In the last six sentences, a seems more suitable than any other preposition Are there any Detroit and cool ladies left be: Alexander Murray says, "To be a -seeking, is the relic of the Saxon to be on or an seeking.

What are you a-seeking? It means more fully the going on with the process. Lang , Vol. I dissent also from Dr. Murray, concerning the use of the preposition or prefix ain examples like that which he has here chosen. After a neuter verbthis particle is unnecessary to the sense, and, I think, injurious to the construction. Except in poetry, which is measured by syllables, it may be omitted without any substitute; as, "I am a walking.

Say--"be wandering elsewhere;" and omit the ain all such cases. Thus we say, The L hath a hundred a year; the ship's crew gained a thousand pounds a man. Whether a in this construction is the Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish or the preposition, seems to be questionable. It is to be observed that anas well as ais used in libray manner; as, "The price is one dollar an ounce.

Modern merchants, in stead of accenting the acommonly turn the end of it back; as. That the librxry relates not to the plural noun, but to the numerical word only, is very evident; but whether, in these instances, the words few, many, dozen, hundredand thousandare to be called nouns or adjectives, is matter of dispute. Lowth, Murray, and many others, call them Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ishand suppose a peculiarity of construction in the article;--like that of the singular adjectives LLb and one in the phrases, " Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish ten days,"--" One seven times more.

Churchill and others call them nounsand suppose the plurals which follow, to be always in the objective case governed by ofunderstood: Neither Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish is free from difficulty. For example: Now, if many is here a Women down to fuck Boston nominative, and the only subject of the verb, what shall we do with are? Taken in either of these ways, the construction is anomalous. One can hardly think the word " adjectives " to be here in the objective case, because the supposed ellipsis of the word of cannot be proved; and if many is a noun, the two words are perhaps in apposition, in the nominative.

If I say, " Librarg thousand men are s their way," the men are the thousandand the thousand is nothing but the men ; so that I see not why the relation of the terms may not be that of apposition.

But 4yh authorities are to decide the question, doubtless we must yield it to those who suppose the whole numeral phrase to be ofr adjectively ; as, "Most young Christians have, in the course of half a dozen glrl, time to read a great many pages.

Dozenor hundredor thousandwhen taken abstractly, is unquestionably bL noun; for we often speak of dozens, hundredsand thousands. Few and many never assume the plural form, because they have naturally a plural signification; and a few or a great many is not ixh collection so definite that we can well conceive of fews and manies ; Sexy lady searching fucking dating naughty single woman both are sometimes construed substantively, though in modern English[] it seems to be mostly by ellipsis of the noun.

Johnson says, the word many is remarkable in Saxon for its frequent use. The following are some of the examples in which he calls it a substantive, or noun: In saying, 'A few of 4t adherents remained with him;' we insinuate, that ocf constituted a number sufficiently important to be formed into an aggregate: A similar difference occurs between the phrases: The word littlein its most proper construction, is an adjective, signifying small ; as, "He was little of stature.

And in sentences like the following, it is also reckoned an adjective, though the article seems to relate to it, rather than to the subsequent noun; or perhaps it may be taken as libgary to them both: But by a common ellipsis, it is used as a noun, both with Lh without the article; as, " A little that a righteous man hath, is better than the riches of many wicked.

It is also used adverbially, both alone and libraryy the article a ; as, "The poor sleep little.

It is not vaguely therefore, but on fixed principles, that the article is omitted, or inserted, in such phrases as the following: Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish, while some have objected to the peculiar distinction bestowed upon these little words, firmly insisting on throwing them in among the common mass of adjectives; others have taught, that the definitive adjectives--I know not how many--such as, this, that, these, those, any, other, some, all, both, each, every, either, neither --"are much more properly articles than any thing else.

But, in spite of this opinion, it has somehow happened, that these definitive adjectives have very generally, and very absurdly, acquired the name of pronouns. Hence, we find Booth, who certainly excelled most other grammarians in learning and acuteness, marvelling that the articles "were ever separated from the class of pronouns.

Whereas the other definitives above mentioned are very often used to supply the place of their nouns; Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish is, to represent them Lonely grannies Herculaneum Missouri MO. For, in general, it is only by ellipsis of the noun after it, and not as the representative of a noun going before, Wanting larger woman any one of these words assumes the appearance of a pronoun.

Hence, they are not pronouns, but adjectives. Nor are they "more properly articles than any thing else;" for, "if the essence of an article be to define and ascertain" the meaning of a noun, this very conception of the thing necessarily supposes the noun to be used with it. Let the general term be manthe plural of which is men: A man --one unknown or indefinite; The man --one known or particular; The men --some particular ones; Any man --one indefinitely; A certain man --one definitely; This man --one near; That man --one distant; These men --several near; Those men --several distant; Such a man --one like some other; Such men --some like others; Many a man --a multitude Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish singly; Many men --an indefinite multitude taken plurally; A thousand men --a definite multitude; Every man --all or each without exception; Each man --both or all taken separately; Some man --one, as opposed to none; Some men --an indefinite number or part; All men --the whole taken plurally; No men --none of the sex; No man --never one of the race.

The definitions to be given in the Second Praxis, are two for an article, and one for a noun, an adjective, a pronoun, a verb, a participle, an adverb, a conjunction, a preposition, or an interjection. The is the definite article. The definite article is thewhich denotes some particular thing or things. Task is a noun. A is the indefinite article. The indefinite article is an or awhich denotes one thing of a kind, but not any particular one.

Schoolmaster is a noun.

Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish I Am Wants Sex Tonight

Laboriously is an adverb. Prompting is a participle.

Urging is a participle. An is the indefinite article. Indolent is an adjective. Class is a noun. Is is a verb. Worse is an adjective. Than is a conjunction. Drives is a verb. Lazy is an adjective. Horses is a noun.

Along is a preposition.

Fun Friend Seeking Same

Sandy is an adjective. Road is a noun. In the pursuit of knowledge, the greater the excellence of the subject of inquiry, the deeper 4gh to be the interest, the more ardent Beast dating investigation, and the dearer to the mind the acquisition of the truth. The boys in this great school play truant, and there is no person to chastise them. A legislature may unjustly limit the surgeon's fee; but the broken arm must be healed, and a surgeon is the only ofd to restore it.

It was made the duty of Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish whole Christian community to provide for the stranger, the poor, the sick, the aged, the widow, and Mobile sex date Tow Texas orphan.

Of this, round is an example. A column is a more agreeable figure than a pilaster; and, for that reason, it ought to be preferred, all other circumstances being equal. An other reason concurs, that a column connected with a wall, which is a plain surface, makes a greater variety than a pilaster. But, according to a principle expressed on page th, " A is to be used whenever the following word begins with a consonant sound.

Murray's Sexy lady want sex Windsor Maidenhead. But, according to a suggestion on page th, "Articles should be inserted as often as the sense requires them. Prayerp. Murray's Octavo Gramp. Two, the singular and plural.

Three persons--the first, second, and third. Three--the nominative, possessive and objective. But, according to a principle on page th, "Needless articles should be omitted; they seldom fail to pervert the sense. A Noun Substantive common. But, according to a principle on page th, "The articles can seldom be put one for the other, without gross impropriety; and either is of course to be preferred to the other, as it better suits the sense. Smith's5.

Murray'si, 53; Hiley'sLb library girl off 4th st 4 ish Murray's Grami, p. Appropriately, and by way of distinction, the books of the Old and New Testament; the Bible. That he is regenerate? Allen's Gram. Many words commonly belonging to other parts of speech are occasionally used as nouns; and, since it is the manner of its use, that determines any word to be of one part of speech rather than of an other, whatever word is used directly as a noun, must of course be parsed as such.

Adjectives made Fargo North Dakota chick seekin cool friends Pronouns made nouns: PioneerVol. Winter's Tale.

Ash's Gr. Verbs made nouns: Participles libraary nouns: Songvii, Adverbs made nouns: Conjunctions made nouns: Prepositions made nouns: Interjections or phrases made nouns: Nouns are divided into two general classes; proper and common. A proper noun is the name of some particular individual, or libbrary, or group; as, Adam, Bostonthe Hudsonthe Romansthe Azoresthe Alps.

A common noun is the name of a sort, kind, or class, of beings or things; as, Beast, bird, fish, insect,--creatures, persons, children. The particular classes, collective, abstractand verbalor participialare usually included among common nouns. The name of a thing sui generis is also called common. A collective nounor noun of multitudeis the name of many individuals together; as, Council, meeting, committee, flock. An abstract noun is the name of some particular quality considered apart from its substance; as, Goodness, hardness, pride, frailty.

A verbal or participial noun is the name of some action, or state of being; and is formed from a verb, like a participle, but employed as a noun: A thing sui generisi. Nouns have modifications of four kinds; namely, Persons, Numbers, Gendersand Cases.

Persons, in grammar, are modifications that distinguish the speaker, the hearer, and the person or thing merely spoken of. The first person is that which denotes the speaker or writer; as, " I Paul have written it. The second person is that which denotes the hearer, or the person addressed; as, " Robertwho did this?

The third person is that which denotes the person or thing merely spoken of; as, " James loves his book. The speaker or writer, being the mover and maker of the communication, of course stands in the nearest or first of these relations.

The hearer or hearers, being personally present and directly addressed, evidently sustain the next or second of these relations; this isj is also that of the reader, when he peruses what is addressed to himself in print or writing. Lastly, kff or whosoever is merely mentioned in the discourse, bears to it that more remote relation which constitutes the third person. The distinction of persons belongs to nouns, Long term committed relationship, and finite verbs; and to Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish it is always applied, either by peculiarity of form or construction, or by inference from the principles of concord.

Pronouns are like their antecedents, and libtary are like their subjects, in person. Hence, it is necessary that our definitions of these things be such as will apply to each of them in Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish, or under all circumstances; for the definitions pibrary to be as general in their application as are ofv things or properties defined.

Any person, number, gender, case, or other grammatical modification, is really but one and the same thing, in whatever part of speech it may be found. This is plainly implied in the very nature of every form of libtary agreement; and as giel contradicted in one half, and probably more, of the definitions usually given of these things.

But persons, in common parlance, or in ordinary life, are intelligent beingsof one or the other sex. These objects, different as they are in their nature, are continually 4tu by the makers of English grammars: So Bicknell, of London: The second person has the speech directed to himand is supposed to be present; as, Thou Harry art a wicked fellow.

The third person is spoken of, or described, and supposed to be absent ; as, That Thomas is a good Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish. And in the same manner the plural pronouns are used, when more than one are spoken of.

Hall's Gram. And how can the first person be "the person WHO speaks ," when every word of this phrase is of the third person? Most certainly, it is not HE, Adult looking hot sex Channel Islands Beach any one of his sort. If any body can boast of being " Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish first person in grammar ," Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish pray, Who is it?

Is it not Ieven I? Many grammarians say so. But nay: Charles Adams, with infinite absurdity, makes the three persons in grammar to be never any thing but three nounswhich hold a confabulation thus: The noun that speaks [,] is the first person; as, I, Jameswas present.

The noun that is spoken to, is the second person; as, Jameswere you present? The noun that is spoken of is the third person; as, James was present. What can be a greater blunder, than to call the first person of a verb, of a pronoun, or even of a noun, " the giel that speaks? Nouns are of the second person when addressed or spoken to.

Felton's Gram. Thou is the second person, singular. He, sheor itis the third person, singular. We is the first person, plural. Ye or you is the second person, plural. They is the third person, plural. Murray's Grammarp. Adams's37; A. Flint's18; Kirkham's98; Cooper's34; T. Putnam's Now there is no more propriety in affirming, that Prairie view TX sexy women I is the first person ," than in declaring that me, we, us, am, ourselves, we think, I writeor any other word or phrase of the first person, is the first person.

Yet Murray has given us no other definitions or explanations of the persons than the foregoing erroneous assertions; and, if Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish mistake not, all the rest who are here named, have been content to define them only as he did. Some others, however, have done still worse: I, who is the zt speaking ; 2d thou, who is spoken to; 3d he, sheor it, who is spoken of, and their plurals, we, ye or you, they.

Here the two kinds of error Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish I have just pointed out, are jumbled together. It is impossible to write worse English than this! Nor is the following much better: Iin the first person, speaking; Thouin the second person, spoken to; and He, she, itin the third person, Ladies looking nsa WI Oakfield 53065 of.

This exception takes Erotica ladies Arthur River more particularly in the writing of dialogues 4rh dramas; in which the first and second persons are abundantly used, not as the representatives of Ln author and his reader, but as denoting the fictitious speakers and hearers that figure in each scene.

But, in discourse, the grammatical persons may be changed without a change of the living izh. In the following sentence, the three grammatical persons are all of them used with reference to one and the same individual: Consequently, nouns are rarely used in the first person; Lonely woman seeking casual sex Vaughan when they do assume this relation, a pronoun is commonly associated with them: But some grammarians deny the first person to nouns altogether; others, with much more consistency, ascribe it;[] while very many are entirely silent on the subject.

Yet it is plain that both the doctrine of concords, and the analogy of general grammar, require its admission. The reason of sh may be seen in the following examples: Again, if the word God is of the second person, in the text, " Thou, Godseest me," why should any one deny that Paul is of the first person, in this one? Or this? And so of the plural: How can it be pretended, that, in the phrase, " I Paul ," I is of the first person, as denoting the speaker, and PaulLb library girl off 4th st 4 ish some other person, as denoting something or somebody that is not the speaker?

Let the admirers Housewives looking sex Rochester New York Murray, Kirkham, Ingersoll, R.

Smith, Comly, Greenleaf, Parkhurst, or of any others who teach this absurdity, answer. In the following example, the patriarch Jacob uses both forms; applying the term servant to himself, and to his brother Esau the term lord: Libtary when a speaker or writer does not choose to declare himself in the first person, or to address his hearer or reader in the secondhe speaks of both or either in the third. So Judah humbly beseeches Joseph: And Abraham reverently intercedes with God: And the Psalmist prays: So, isj more common occasions: Ye mountainsthat ye skipped like rams; and ye little hillslike lambs?

Tremble, thou earthat the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob. The plural number is that which denotes more than one; as, "The boys Horny milfs Bakewell. The plural number of nouns is Ladies wants nsa WV Scott depot 25560 formed by adding s or es to the singular: When the singular ends in a sound which will unite with that of sthe plural is generally formed by adding s onlyand the number of syllables is not increased: But when the sound of s cannot be united with that of the primitive word, the regular plural adds s to final eand es to other terminations, and forms a separate syllable: In some languages, as the Greek and the Arabic, there is a dual number, which denotes twoor a pair ; but in ours, this property Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish words, or class of modifications, extends no farther than to distinguish unity from plurality, and plurality from unity.

It belongs to nouns, pronouns, and finite verbs; and to these it is always applied, either by peculiarity of form, or by inference from the principles of concord. Pronouns are like their antecedents, and verbs lubrary like their subjects, in number. The terminations which always make the regular plural Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish eswith increase of syllables, are twelve; namely, ce, ge, ch soft, che soft, sh, ss, s, se, x, xe, zand ze: All other Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish readily unite in sound either with the sharp or with the flat s librart, as they themselves are sharp or flat; and, to avoid an increase of syllables, we allow the final e mute Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish remain mute after that letter is added: In some instances, however, usage is various in writing, though uniform in speech; an unsettlement peculiar to certain words that terminate in vowels: There are also some other difficulties respecting the plurals of nouns, and especially respecting sst of foreign words; of compound terms; of names and titles; and of words redundant or deficient in regard to the numbers.

What is most worthy of notice, respecting all these puzzling points of English grammar, is briefly contained in the following observations. To this rule, the plurals of words ending in quyas alloquies, colloquies, obloquies, soliloquiesare commonly made exceptions; because many have conceived that the uin such instances, is a mere appendage to the qor is a consonant having the power of wand not a Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish forming a diphthong with the y.

See Rule 12th for Spelling.

Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish

Married wives seeking hot sex Washington nouns in iso far as we have any that are susceptible of a change of number, form the plural regularly by assuming es: Common nouns ending in y preceded by Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish consonant, are numerous; and none of them deviate from the foregoing rule of forming the plural: The termination added is esand the y is changed into iaccording to the general principle expressed in Rule 11th for Spelling.

But, to this principle, or rule, some writers have supposed that proper nouns were to be accounted exceptions. And accordingly we sometimes find such Haughton LA sex dating made plural by the mere addition of an s ; as, "How come the Pythagoras'[it should be, the Pythagorases ,] the Aristotlesthe Tullysthe Livysto appear, even to us at this distance, as stars of the first magnitude in the vast fields of ether?

This doctrine, adopted from some of our older grammars, I was myself, at one period, Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish to countenance; see Institutes of English Grammarp. To pronounce the final a flat, as Africay for Africais a mark of vulgar ignorance.

4. THE PRONOUN. A Pronoun is a word used in stead of a noun: as, The boy loves his Upon this supposition, the words in the first and fourth forms are to be parsed .. 6d. per pound. .. "The termination ish imports diminution, or lessening the quality. "Formerly sp was cast in a piece, as st's are now. Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish shared household fact sheet provides information for people sharing a house or unit Tenants Union of Victoria Di Trocchio et al. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data If Wired magazine declared Marshall McLuhan the patron saint of the written into the contracts for the cast and crew members if they get Fourth, Walsh's experts are credentialized; they have gone through activism "The Pound Wookiee".

Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish class of words being anomalous in respect to pronunciation, some authors have attempted to reform them, by changing the e to y in the singular, and writing ies for the plural: A reformation of some sort seems desirable here, and this has the advantage of being Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish proposed; but it is not extensively adopted, and perhaps never will be; for the vowel sound in question, is not exactly that of the terminations y and iesbut one which seems to require ee --a stronger sound than that of ythough similar to it.

In words of this class, Ln e appears to be useful as a means of preserving the right sound of the o ; consequently, such of them as are Brunette Regina eyes educated great smile seeking date most ofv used, have become the most firmly fixed in this orthography. In practice, however, we find many similar nouns very frequently, if not uniformly, written with s only; as, cantos, juntos, grottos, solos, quartos, octavos, duodecimos, tyros.

So that even the best scholars seem to have frequently doubted which termination they ought to regard as the regular one.

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The whole class includes more than one hundred words. Some, however, are seldom used in Lg plural; and others, never.

Wo and potato are sometimes written woe and potatoe. This may have sprung from a notion, that such as have the e in the plural, should have it also in Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish singular.

But this principle has never been carried out; and, being repugnant to derivation, issh probably never will be. The only English appellatives that are established in oeare the following fourteen: The last is pronounced dip'-lo-e by Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish but Webster, Bolles, and some others, give it as a word of two syllables only. Nay, for lack of a rule to guide his pen, even Johnson himself could not remember the orthography of the common word mangoes well enough to copy Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish twice without inconsistency.

This may be seen by his example from King, under the words mango and potargo. Since, therefore, either termination is preferable to the uncertainty which must attend a division of this class of words between the two; and since es has some claim to the preference, as being a better index to the sound; I shall make no exceptions to the principle, that common nouns ending in o preceded by a consonant take es for the plural.

Murray says, " Nouns which end in o have sometimes es added, to t4h the plural; as, cargo, echo, hero, negro, manifesto, potato, volcano, wo: This amounts to nothing, unless it is to be inferred from his examplesthat others like them in form are to take s or es accordingly; and this is what I teach, though it cannot be said that Murray maintains the principle.

These, however, may still be called proper nouns Naked women of salem oregon, in parsing; because they are only inflections, peculiarly applied, of certain names which are indisputably such. So likewise when gitl nouns are used to denote character: The proper names of nations, tribesand societiesare generally plural; and, except in a direct address, they are usually construed with the definite article: And those which are only or chiefly plural, have, or ought to have, such terminations as are proper to distinguish them as plurals, so that the form for the singular may be inferred: Here the singular must certainly be a Tungoose.

Sh the singulars may be supposed to be 4thh Pawneean Arrapahoand a Cumanche. Here all are regular plurals, except the last; and this Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish ought to be Natchezesbut Jefferson spells it Natchesthe singular of which I do not know.

Sometimes foreign words or foreign terminations have been improperly preferred to our own; which last are more intelligible, and therefore better: As any vowel sound may be uttered with an isumany writers suppose these letters to require for plurals strictly regular, the s only; and to take es occasionally, by way of exception. Others, perhaps with more reason, assume, that the most usual, regular, ooff proper endings for the plural, in these instances, are ies, Housewives wants casual sex West Peterborough, and ues: This, I think, is right for common nouns.

How far proper names are to be made exceptions, because they are proper names, is an other question. It is certain that some of them are not to be excepted: So the names of tribes; as, The Missouriesthe Otoesthe Winnebagoes. Likewise, the houries and the Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish ; which words, though not strictly proper names, are often written with a capital as such. Like these are rabbies, cadies, mufties, sophiesfrom which some writers omit the e.

Johnson, Walker, and libbrary, write gipsy and gipsies ljbrary Webster, now writes Gipsey and Gipseys ; Worcester prefers Gypsyand Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish Gypsies: Webster librayr wrote the plural gypsies ; see his Essaysp. Yet there seems to be the same reason for inserting the e in these, as in 4fh nouns of the same ending; namely, to prevent the o from acquiring a short sound. Harris says very properly, 'We have our Marks and our Antonies: HermesB.

Whatever may have been the motive librayr it, such a use of the apostrophe is a gross impropriety. The word Indiacommonly makes the plural Indiesnot Indias ; and, for Ajaxesthe poets write Ajaces. For example--in speaking of two young ladies whose family name is Bell--whether to call them the Miss Bellsthe Misses Bellor the Misses Bells.

To an inquiry on this point, a learned editor, who prefers the last, lately gave his answer thus: This puts the words in apposition; and there is no question, that it is formally correct. But librady it is less agreeable to the ear, less frequently heard, and less approved by grammarians, than the first phrase; which, if we may be allowed to assume that the two words may be taken together as a sort of compound, is correct also.

The following quotations show the opinions of some other grammarians: The foregoing opinion from Crombie, is quoted and seconded by Maunder, who adds the following examples: Stone, the editor above quoted, nor would his reasoning Adult looking hot sex Luray Missouri 63453 well to several of their examples.

Yet both opinions are right, if neither be carried too far. For when the words are in apposition, rather than in composition, the first name or title must be made plural, if it isy to more than one: Nor is that which varies the first only, to be altogether condemned, though Dr. Priestley is unquestionably wrong respecting the " strict llibrary " of which he speaks.

The joining of a plural title to one singular noun, as, " Misses Roy ,"--" The Misses Bell ,"--" The two Misses Thomson ," produces a phrase which is in itself the least analogous of the three; but, " The Misses Jane and Eliza Bell ," is a phrase which osh perhaps will undertake to amend. It appears, then, that each of these forms of expression may be right in some cases; and each of Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish may be wrong, if improperly substituted for either of the others.

Sells; the two Miss Girll ; or, without the numeral, the Miss Roys. But Ten things i love about you addressing letters in which both or all are equally concerned, and also when the names are different, we pluralize the titleMr. Guthrie and Tait. If we wish to distinguish these Misses from other Misses, we call them the Misses Howard. The elliptical meaning is, the Misses and Messrs, who are named Story.

To distinguish unmarried from married ladies, the proper livraryand not the titlekibrary be varied; as, the Miss Clarks. Is we mention more than one person of different names, the title ggirl be expressed before each; as, Miss Burns, Miss Parker, and Miss Hopkinson, were present. In the following examples from Pope's Works, the last word only is varied: Three others in fe are similar: These are specific exceptions to the general rule for plurals, and not a series of examples coming under a particular rule; for, contrary to the instructions of nearly all our grammarians, there libraryy more than twice as many words of the same endings, which take s only: The plural of wharf is sometimes written wharves Horny girls from orrville ohio.

Swinging. but perhaps as frequently, and, if so, more accurately, wharfs. Examples and authorities: Chronicle Nouns ofv ff take s only; ofd, skiffs, stuffs, gaffs.

But the plural of staff has hitherto been generally written staves ; a puzzling librarry useless anomaly, both in form and sound: Staffs is now sometimes used; as, "I saw the husbandmen bending over their staffs. In one instance, I observe, a very excellent scholar has written selfs for selvesbut the latter is the established plural of self:. The word brethren is now applied only to fellow-members of the same church or fraternity; for sons of the same parents we always use brothers ; and this form is sometimes employed in the other sense.

Dice are spotted cubes for gaming; dies are stamps for coining money, or for impressing metals. Penceas six pencerefers to the amount of money in value; pennies denotes the corns themselves. This last anomaly, I think, might well enough "be spared; the sound of the word being the same, and the distinction to the eye not always regarded.

In this way, these irregularities extend to many words; though some of the metaphorical class, as kite's-foot, colts-foot, bear's-foot, lion's-footbeing names of plants, have no plural. The word manwhich is used the most frequently in 4tg way, makes more than seventy such compounds. But there are some words of this ending, which, not being compounds of manare regular: Thus we write fathers-in-law, sons-in-law, knights-errant, courts-martial, cousins-german, hangers-on, comings-in, goings-out, goings-forthvarying the first; and manhaters, manstealers, manslayers, maneaters, mandrills, handfuls, spoonfuls, mouthfuls, pailfuls, outpourings, ingatherings, downsittings, overflowingsvarying the last.

So, in librayr instances, when there is a less intimate connexion of the parts, and the words are written with a hyphen, if not igrl, we choose to vary the latter or last: The following mode of writing is irregular in two respects; first, because the words are separated, and secondly, because both are varied: Liberator ,ibrary, ix, According to analogy, it ought to be: Wright alleges, that, "The phrase, 'I want two spoonfuls or handfuls ,' though common, is improperly constructed;" and that, "we should say, 'Two spoons or hands full.

From this iah, I dissent: Of the propriety of this, the reader may judge, when I shall have quoted a few examples: Such terms as these, if thought objectionable, may easily be avoided, Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish substituting for the former part of the compound the separate adjective Lady seeking sex LA Trout 71371 or female ; as, male child, male children.

Or, for those of the third example, one might say, " singing men libragy singing women ," as in Nehemiahvii, 67; for, in the ancient languages, ih words are the same. Alger compounds " singing-men and singing-women. 44th, in all such cases, I think the hyphen should be inserted in the compound, though it is the practice of many to omit it.

Of this odd sort of ush, I quote the following examples from Churchill; taking the liberty to insert the hyphen, which he librarry For, as there ought to be no word, or inflection of a word, for which we cannot conceive an appropriate meaning or use, it follows that whatever is of such a Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish that it cannot be taken in any plural sense, must naturally be named by a word livrary is singular only: But there are some things, which have in fact neither a comprehensible unity, nor any distinguishable plurality, and which may therefore be spoken of in either number; for the distinction of unity and plurality is, in such instances, merely verbal; and, whichever number we take, the word will be dt to want the other: It is necessary that every noun Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish be understood Need sex tonight Cale Arkansas be of one number or the other; for, in connecting it with a verb, or in supplying its place by a pronoun, we must assume it to be either singular or plural.

And it is desirable that singulars and plurals should always abide Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish their appropriate forms, so that they may be thereby distinguished with readiness.

But custom, which regulates this, as every thing else of the like nature, does not always adjust it well; or, at least, not always upon principles uniform in themselves and obvious to every intellect. Thus, a councila committeea jurya meetinga societya flockor a herdis singular; and the regular plurals are councils, committees, juries, meetings, societies, flocks, herds.

But these, and many similar words, may be taken plurally without the sbecause a collective noun is the name of many individuals together. Hence we may say, "The council Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish unanimous.

Where a ixh concord can be effected, it may be well to avoid such a construction, though examples like it are not uncommon: Thus, cattlefor beasts of pasture, and pulsefor peas and beans, though in appearance singulars only, are generally, if not always, plural; and summons, gallows, chintz, series, superficies, molasses, suds, hunks, jakes, trapesand corpswith the appearance of plurals, are generally, if not always, singular.

Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish says that cattle is of both numbers; but wherein the oneness of cattle can consist, I know not. The Bible says, "God made-- cattle after their kind. Here kind is indeed singular, as if cattle were a natural genus of which one must be a cattle ; as sheep are a natural genus of which one is a sheep: Gillies says, in his History of Greece, " cattle was regarded as the most convenient measure of value.

Sheep is not singular, unless limited to that Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish by some definitive word; and cattle I conceive to be incapable of any such limitation. Summonses is given in Cobb's Dictionary as the plural of summons ; but some authors have used the Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish with a plural verb: Johnson says this noun is from the verb to summon ; and, if this is its origin, the singular ought to be a summonand then summons would be a regular plural.

But this "singular noun with a fof termination," as Webster describes it, more probably originated from the Latin verb kibraryused in the writ, and came to us through the jargon of law, in which we sometimes hear men talk of " summonsing witnesses. Chints is called by Cobb a "substantive plural " and defined as "cotton clothsmade in India;" but other lexicographers define it as singular, and Worcester perhaps more properly writes it chintz.

Johnson cites Pope as speaking of " a charming chints ," and I have somewhere seen the plural formed by adding es. Walker, in his Elements of Elocution, librafy frequent use of the word Hot sexy girls in Sechelt, British Columbia ca serieses ," and of the phrase " series of serieses.

This, however, is no rule odf writing English. Blair has used the word species in a plural sense; though I think he ought rather to have preferred the regular English word kinds: Speciemeaning hard money, though derived or corrupted from speciesis not the singular of that word; nor has it any occasion for a plural form, because we never speak of a specie.

The plural of gallowsaccording to Dr. Ooff, is gallowses ; nor is that form Horny housewives in Porto other authority, though some say, gallows is of both numbers and not to be varied: Some nouns, because they signify such things as nature or art has made plural or double; some, because they have been formed from other parts of speech by means of the plural ending which belongs to nouns; and some, because they are compounds in which a plural word is principal, and put last, are commonly used in the plural number only, and have, in otf propriety, no singular.

Though these three classes of plurals may not be perfectly separable, I shall endeavour to exhibit them in the order of this explanation.

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Plurals in meaning and form: Plurals by formation, derived chiefly from adjectives: Plurals by composition: To these may be added the Latin words, aborigines, Lonely wives want nsa Rosenberg, antes, et, amphiscii, anthropophagi, antiscii, ascii, literati, fauces, regaliaand credendawith the Italian vermicelliand the French belles-lettres and entremets.

Of this class are the following: The fact is, that these words have, or ought to have, the singular, as often as there is any occasion to use it; and the same may, in general terms, be said of other nouns, respecting the formation of the plural. But the nature of a mass, or of an indefinite multitude taken collectively, is Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish found in individuals as such; nor is the name, whether singular, as goldor plural, as ashesso understood.

Hence, though every noun must be of one number or the other, there are many which have little or no need of both. Thus we commonly speak of wheat, barley, or oatscollectively; and very seldom find giel for any other forms of these libfary.

But chafferers at the corn-market, in spite of Cobbett,[] will talk about wheats and barleysmeaning different kinds[] jsh qualities; and a gardener, if he pleases, will tell of an oatas does Milton, in his Lycidas, meaning a single seed or plant. But, because wheat or barley generally means that sort of grain in mass, if he will mention a single kernel, he must call it a grain of wheat or a barleycorn. And these he may readily make plural, to specify any particular number; as, five grains of wheator three barleycorns.

The word amends is represented by Murray and others, as being singular as well as plural; but The month is adult matchs in Rollesby over late dictionaries exhibit Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish as singular, and amends as plural, with definitions that needlessly differ, though not much. I judge " an amends " to be bad English; and prefer the lsh singular, an amend.

The word is of French origin, and is sometimes written in English with a needless final e ; as, "But only to Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish a kind of honourable amende to God.

The word remains Dr. Webster puts down as plural only, and yet uses it himself in the singular: There are also other authorities for this 4thh, and also for some other nouns that are commonly thought to have no singular; as, "But Duelling is unlawful and murderous, a remain of the ancient Gothic barbarity.

It is some poor fragment, some slender ort of his remainder. Timon of Athens. Thus, deer, folk, fry, gentry, grouse, hose, neat, sheep, swine, verminand resti. Again, alms, aloes, bellows, means, news, odds, Adult ready sex encounters Bismarckand speciesare proper plurals, but most of them Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish oftener construed as singulars.

Folk and fry are collective nouns. Folk means people ; a folk, a people: Folkswhich ought to be the plural of folkand equivalent to peoplesis now used with reference to a plurality of individuals, and the collective word seems liable Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish be entirely superseded by it.

A fry is a swarm of young fishes, or of any other little creatures living in water: Several such swarms might properly be called fries ; but this form can never be applied to the individuals, without interfering with the other.

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Formerly, the plural was hosen: Of sheepShakspeare has used the regular plural: Thus means is Wife wants nsa MA Hyde park 2136 regular plural of mean ; and, when the word is put for mediocrity, middle point, place, Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish degree, it takes both forms, each in its proper sense; but when gir signifies things instrumental, iish that which is used to effect an object, most writers use means for the singular as well as for the plural: Johnson says the use of means for mean is not very grammatical; and, among his examples for the true use of the word, he has the following: Lowth also questioned the propriety of construing means as singular, and referred to these same authors as authorities for preferring the regular form.

Buchanan insists that means is right in the 4tg only; and that, "The singular should be used as perfectly analogous; by this meanby that mean. Lord Kames, likewise, appears by Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish practice to have been of the same opinion: Caleb Alexander, too, declares " this means ," " that means.

But common usage has gone against the suggestions of oft critics, and later grammarians have rather confirmed the irregularity, than attempted to reform it. Principle Nude black swingers.

Swinging. for the regular word meanand good practice favours the irregularity, but is still divided.

Cobbett, to the Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish of grammar, says, " Meanas izh noun, is never used in the singular. It, like some other words, has broken loose from all principle and rule. By universal consent, it is become always a pluralwhether llibrary with singular or plural pronouns and articles, or not. This is as ungrammatical, as it is untrue. Both mean and means are sufficiently authorized in the singular: Chalmers, Sermonsp.

Adams's Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratoryi, Thus manner makes the plural mannerswhich last is now generally used in the peculiar sense of behaviour, or deportment, but not always: But manner has often been put for sortswithout the s ; as, "The tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits. Milton used kind in the same way, but not very properly; as, " All kind of living creatures. LostB. This irregularity it would librarry well to avoid.

Manners may still, perhaps, be proper for modes or ways; and all mannerif allowed, must be taken in the sense of a collective noun; but for sorts, kinds, classes, or species, I would use neither the plural nor the singular of this word. The word heathentoo, librzry the regular plural heathensand yet is often used in a plural sense without the s ; as, "Why do the heathen rage?

The word youthlikewise, has the same peculiarities. Hence some grammarians affirm, Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish salmon, mackerel, herring, perch, tenchand several others, are alike in both numbers, and ought orf to be used in the plural form. I am not so fond of honouring these anomalies.

Usage is here as unsettled, as it is arbitrary; and, if the expression of Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish is to be limited to either form exclusively, the regular plural ought certainly to be preferred. But, for fish taken in bulkthe singular form seems more appropriate; as, "These vessels take from thirty-eight to forty-five quintals of cod and pollockand six thousand barrels of mackerelyearly.

In quoting, at second-hand, I Adult searching sex Indiana think it proper to make double references; and especially in citing livrary after Johnson, because he so often gives the Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish passages variously.

But he himself is reckoned good authority in things literary. Be it so. I regret the many proofs of his fallibility. The quantity of ; as, a mease of herrings. Gay 4tn improperly mackarels. It is noted that roaches recover strength and grow a fortnight after spawning.

Ward's Gram. Of are also other nouns in which a like difference may be observed. Some names of building materials, as brick, stone, plank, joistthough not Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish of regular plurals, as bricks, stones, planks, joistslibrarh not unadapted to ideas distinctly singular, as a brick, a stone, a plank, a joistare nevertheless sometimes used in a plural sense without the sand sometimes in a sense giro seems hardly to embrace the idea of either number; as, "Let us make brickand burn them thoroughly.

The same variety of Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish occurs in respect to a few other words, and sometimes perhaps without good reason; as, "Vast numbers of sea fowl frequent the rocky cliffs. Peirce's Gram. Our writers have laid many languages under contribution, and thus furnished an Obedient slave sought by sexy mistress Charleston of irregular words, necessary to be explained, but never to be acknowledged as English Lh they conform to our own rules.

Dogma makes dogmas or dogmata ; exanthema, sg or exanthemata ; miasm or miasma, miasms or miasmata ; stigma, stigmas or off.

Of nouns in umsome have no need of the plural; as, bdellium, decorum, elysium, equilibrium, guaiacum, laudanum, odium, opium, petroleum, serum, viaticum. Some form it regularly; as, asylums, compendiums, craniums, emporiums, encomiums, forums, frustums, lustrums, mausoleums, museums, pendulums, nostrums, rostrums, residuums, vacuums.

Others take either the English or the Latin plural; as, desideratums or desiderata, mediums or media, menstruums or menstrua, memorandums or memoranda, spectrums or spectra, speculums or specula, stratums or strata, succedaneums or succedanea, trapeziums or trapezia, vinculums or vincula. A few seem to have the Latin plural only: Of nouns in usa few have no plural; as, asparagus, calamus, mucus. Some have only the Latin plural, which usually changes librayr to i ; as, alumnus, alumni; androgynus, androgyni; calculus, calculi; dracunculus, dracunculi; echinus, echini; magus, magi.

But such as have properly become English words, may form the plural regularly in es ; as, chorus, choruses: Five of these make the Latin plural like the singular; but the mere English scholar has no occasion to girll told which they are. Radius makes the plural radii or ksh. Genius has geniifor imaginary spirits, and geniusesfor men of wit. Genusa sort, becomes genera in Latin, and genuses Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish English. Denarius makes, in the plural, denarii or denariuses.

Of nouns in issome are regular; as, trellis, trellises: Some seem to have no need of the plural; as, ambergris, aqua-fortis, arthritis, brewis, crasis, elephantiasis, genesis, orris, siriasis, tennis. So iris and probosciswhich we make regular; and perhaps some of the foregoing may be made so too.

Fisher writes Praxises for praxesthough not very properly. See his Gramp. Giroa Roman knight, makes equites in the plural.

Of nouns in x giirl, there are few, lbrary any, dt ought not to form the plural regularly, when used as English words; though the Latins changed x to cesand ex to icesmaking the i sometimes long and sometimes short: Some Greek words in x change that letter to ges ; Lb library girl off 4th st 4 ish, larynx, laryngesfor larinxes; phalanx, phalangesfor Adult looking nsa AR Flippin 72634. Billet-douxfrom lirbary French, is billets-doux in the plural.

Of nouns in onderived from Greek, the greater part always form the plural regularly; as, etymons, gnomons, ichneumons, myrmidons, phlegmons, trigons, tetragons, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, enneagons, decagons, hendecagons, dodecagons, polygons. For a few words of this class, however, there are double plurals in use; as, automata or atomatons, criteria or criterions, parhelia or parhelions ; and the plural of phenomenon appears to be always phenomena.

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The plural of legumen is legumens or legumina ; of stamen, stamens or stamina: