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The occurrences of this example of case, in this instance that of Lwys Lipman, was more common than the modern image of the UK war years would perhaps suggest. A sizeable number of people were tried under various pieces of wartime legislation.

The Lipman Case

Glamorgan Summer Assize at Swansea.

19 July 1940.

1st Charge:.

Being an alien, unlawfully and without written permission on 29 June 1940 entered into a protected area, The Severn Area, being an area declared to be a protected area under the provisions of the Aliens (Protected Areas) (No. 5) Order 1940, contrary to the provisions of the said order. Lwys Lipman entered into the District of Pontypridd. The said Urban District of Pontypridd being part of a protected area, namely The Severn Area, under the provisions of the Aliens (Protected Areas) (No. 5) Order 1940.


Joseph Marlow (P.C - Pontypridd Police Station).

Cyril D’Arcy Baily (Sgt - Pontypridd Police Station).


A. Clifford Walker (Solicitor).

Presiding Judge:

J. Macnaghten.

Lwys Lipman pleaded guilty to this charge, and was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

2nd Charge (3 counts):

Being an alien did 3 acts calculated to cause disaffection amongst the civilian population contrary to the Aliens Registration (Amendment) Act 1919, Section 3, sub-section (1).

Lwys Lipman made 3 statements in the Public Bar of the Court Hotel, Tonypandy, on 27 May 1940. He said: "Hitler is a friend of mine. He is a good man. He is doing the right thing by sending these Parachutes over. The English took Palestine from the Jews and Hitler is going to take England from the English. The British are not treating the Jews properly. Hitler is doing right."

He then repeated the statement two times. The first two attempts were treated as causing, the third as attempting. Lwys Lipman was a Russian subject who was registered in the Aliens’ Register at Tonypandy. He arrived in this country in 1885. He was aged 67 years’ old at the time of these offences, and gave his occupation as glazier.


A. Clifford Walker (Solicitor).

Presiding Judge:

J. Macnaghten.


David Tudor Picton (Inspector - Tonypandy Police Station).

James Locke (Customer in Public Bar).

David John Evans (Customer in Public Bar).

Charles Dunning (Licensee of Court Hotel).

Percy Davis (P.C - Tonypandy Police Station).

Walter Porter (Police Sgt. - Additional Evidence).

Lwys Lipman pleaded not guilty to all three counts on this second charge.

He was found guilty of all three counts. He was sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment for each of the three counts. This sentence of thirty-six months was to run concurrent with the six months received on the first charge.

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