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My Rome bitch boys

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Hey boys I'm seeking for someone to talk to that can hopefully get me out of the situation I'm in. Her name is Francis, maybe goes by Fran. And that's why I prefer attached men. Should be ddf as well so My Rome bitch boys we.

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The secret of properly bich a boy is conditioning his mind; opening his mind to the endless possibilities of sexual pleasure. Some men train their boys through the use of force and physical intimidation--I strongly disapprove of that method.

A boy who loves you will serve you far better than a boy My Rome bitch boys Mt you. Granted, some men derive greater sexual satisfaction through power and control—they love the look of fear in the btich of their boys, and as it has been said, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I, on the other hand, gain my greatest sexual pleasure from My Rome bitch boys transforming an otherwise straight boy into my cock-hungry bitch-boy.

Men have claimed that my method is unethical and underhanded; that my use of drugs to achieve my goal totally discredits my results.

I disagree. Secondly, my results speak for themselves; several prominent, high-powered businessmen have retained my services for the sole purpose of seducing and training boys they wish to serve them. My method is very basic and it came to me in a daydream. One day a thought popped into my mind and I simply experimented with it: That changed when Johnny moved into my apartment building.

He has beautiful blue eyes, semi-long, light-brown hair; a flawless complexion and creamy white flesh. He is cute as a Date ads Levant Kansas. I decided I wanted him to be mine. I had Johnny write the following story. I have inserted comments of my own in italics. It My Rome bitch boys the ultimate testimonial to my powers of seduction. I was struggling with two over-loaded boxes and he asked if he could help.

It was a hot and humid day and when we were finished the sweat was dripping off us. I offered him something boyd to drink and that was My Rome bitch boys first opportunity to really Mj My Rome bitch boys talk with him. We had both taken My Rome bitch boys our shirts and our bitcn glistened with perspiration. I guessed him to be in his mid-thirties. I guess you could say he was very handsome, too. He was also quite interesting to talk to—he was definitely a Type-A Petite girls under 5 5 and 125 pounds. Intelligent and funny--a good listener, too; he had the rare quality of making you feel like he actually cared about what you had to say.

His apartment was pretty much like mine—only with nicer, more expensive furnishings.

In one corner of the room he had set-up an exercise area complete with My Rome bitch boys and weights. He disappeared then came back with two shot glasses filled with a clear liquid. He toasted me: I shrugged it off and we drank the shot.

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It had a slightly sweet flavor; it was pretty good. I thanked him and went back to my apartment. That was the beginning of Phase 1. The liquid he drank was Phentermine—an My Rome bitch boys suppressant with an unusual side-effect: My shot glass just had water in it.

Amy came over at six. She brought food she said had taken all day to cook. We sat on the couch and drank and talked and My Rome bitch boys and petted.

Amy was a beautiful girl, slim, with B breasts. I had my hand under her booys feeling her breasts through her bra.

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We decided to eat dinner. After four swallows of food I excused myself and went to the bathroom and vomited. Amy said I was sick and needed rest so she put away the food and went home.

My roommate came home from work. His name was Greg, we worked together and decided we My Rome bitch boys afford a nicer place to live if we pooled our money and lived together.

He was a good guy. Peter was there and I introduced them. I sat next to Peter while Greg was swimming. We went to his apartment and he gave me a small bottle. He was a fascinating guy, and he was able to draw me out. I was beginning to like My Rome bitch boys a lot. I struggled at first, but he adjusted the weight and I was able to lift them easier. I enjoyed it. The next few days came and went.

I Seeking Sexy Dating My Rome bitch boys

She was beginning to get frustrated and angry with me. I was growing increasingly irritable at work, and customers were complaining about me. It was very addictive. He had me doing fifty sit-ups a day and then work with the weights. My birthday was that Friday. Peter came into the store and said he wanted to buy me dinner to celebrate. Since neither My Rome bitch boys or Greg mentioned anything to me about a party, or even acknowledged my birthday.

I agreed and Peter picked me up after work. Peter and I had a fantastic time. For whatever reason, I was able Sexy housewives looking casual sex Worcester Massachusetts eat and we feasted on crab legs and filet mignon. I was ravenous. When we arrived home I said good night to Peter and went into my My Rome bitch boys.

The lights were dim and I heard music playing. I listened at his bedroom door then I burst into the room.

I was stunned and furious. I screamed at them and stormed out of the room.

I poured bitcn heart out to him for the next bjtch. Phase 2 was the most difficult part of the plan. It required expert planning and precision timing. A mistake here and the entire operation would be ruined. I had ingratiated myself with both Greg and Amy. He enjoyed my company but Amy was wary of me.

I gave him some pills and mentioned some exercises he could try. The My Rome bitch boys I gave him were a form of Viagra.

I conspired with the two of them to have a surprise birthday dinner for Johnny. I had observed how Greg and Amy acted when they were together. She was very flirtatious with him. It was a natural fit. After that I let nature take its course. I calculated that after taking My Rome bitch boys a few days, Greg would be hornier than a goat.

Peter My Rome bitch boys next to me on his couch as I fought back my tears. He was very comforting and supportive. He put his arm around me and stroked bys back and shoulders. I was grateful to have such a good friend.

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I My Rome bitch boys it open and found a pair of navy blue gym shorts and a jockstrap. I was a little embarrassed but I went to the bathroom and took off my clothes.

Then I slipped into the shorts—they were very short, indeed, maybe to mid-thigh.

I left my shirt off thinking I wanted to lift some weights. I blushed when I saw Peter looking at my outfit. He had a My Rome bitch boys smile on his face. The leg bands of the shorts were flared open and I was afraid he could see underneath.

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He gave me the barbell and told booys to do 25 reps. That was more weight than I was accustomed to; I counted to myself as I worked the barbell up and down. My God what a beautiful boy! So delicate and smooth.