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No research or studying can be done without consulting a wide variety of sources. All these have all proved useful for either specific articles or information across several articles. Where a web site exists for an institution, I have specified one. Within each of my classifications, the items are not listed in any particular order.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of information that is available either on print or the internet, but of sources that I have found to be interesting and relevant to the material covered on this web site.


The National Archives.

The Guildhall Library, City of London.

The General Register Office (Office of National Statistics).

The Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London.

Westminster Abbey, London.

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia

The Tower of London.

The National Army Museum, London.

The Guards Museum, London.

The Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, London.

Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk.

March and District Museum, March, Cambridgeshire.

Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

Kilmainham Jail, Inchicoe Road, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Dublin Castle, Dublin.

Arbour Lane Cemetery, Dublin.

General Post Office, O'Connell Street, Dublin.

L'Eglise du Dôme, Invalides, Paris

Musée de l'Armee, Les Invalides, Paris.

Musée de L'Ordre de la Liberation, Les Invalides, Paris.

Arlington National Cemetery.


The following tables lists those published books that have been useful in researching the subjects covered by this web site. They are all recommended for further reading material.

Title Author Publisher ISBN
Lost Warriors: Seagrim & Pagani of Burma The last great untold story of WWII Philip Davies Atlantic Publishing 1-978-909242-85-2
The Vengeance of Private Pooley Cyril Jolly William Heineman Ltd -
The Sixth Column Mahmood Khan Durrani Cassell -
The Knights of Bushido Lord  Russell of Liverpool Chivers Press 0-862-20546-8
Korean Atrocity! Forgotten War Crimes 1950 - 1953 Philip D. Chinnery Airlife Publishing Ltd 1-840-37103-X
The Trial of William Joyce edited by J.W. Hall William Hodge & Co. Ltd -
Renegades: Hitler's Englishmen Adrian Weale Weidenfeld & Nicholson 0-297-81488-5
Bernard Splisbury: His Life and Cases D.G. Browne & E.V. Tullett Companion Book Club -
The Easter Rebellion Max Caulfield Gill & Macmillan 0-717-12293-X
Last Words Piaras F. Mac Lochlain Stationery Office (Dublin) 0-707-60101-0
Shot at Dawn Julian Putkowski & Julian Sykes Leo Cooper 0-850-52295-1
Death Sentences Passed by Military Courts of the British Army 1914-1924 Gerard Oram & Julian Putowski Francis Boutle Publishers 0-953-23880-6
The Thin Yellow Line William Moore Wordsworth Editions Ltd 1-840-22215-8
Mutiny at Salerno Saul David Brassey's 1-857-53146-9
For Freedom and Honour A. B. Godefroy CEF Books 1-896-97922-X
Blindfold and Alone Cathryn Corns & John Hughes-Wilson Cassell & Co 0-304-35397-3
Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1914-1920 R.W. Walker 0-907-45500-X -
The Other Nuremberg Arnold C. Brackman Collins 0-002-17991-1
Nuremberg Airey Neave Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-18128-1
Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial Joseph E. Persico Allison & Busby 0-850-31929-3
The Nuremberg Trial Ann & John Tusa Macmillan 0-333-27463-6
Justice at Nuremberg Robert E. Conot Weidenfeld & Nicolson 0-297-78360-2
Hitler 1889 - 1936: Hubris Ian Kershaw Penguin Press 0-713-99047-3
Hitler 1936 - 1945: Nemesis Ian Kershaw Penguin Press 0-713-99229-8
The Belsen Trial edited by R. Phillips William Hodge & Co. Ltd -
The Relief of Belsen, April 1945: Eye Witness Accounts compiled by Paul Kemp Imperial War Museum 0-901-62770-4
The Buchenwald Report translated & edited by David A. Hackett Westview 0-813-31777-0
The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies Guenter Levy Oxford University Press 0-195-12556-8
Bravest of the Brave Mark Seaman Michael O'Mara Books Ltd 1-854-79650-X
Spirit of Resistance: Harry Peuleve DSO MC Nigel Perrin Pen & Sword Military 978-1-84415-855-3
The Grand Prix Saboteurs Joe Saward Morienval Press 978-0-9554868-0-7
Unearthing Churchill's secret army: The official list of SOE casualties & their stores John Grehan & Mark Mace Pen & Sword Military 978-1-84884-794-1
The World at War Mark Arnold-Forster Pimlico 0-712-66782-2
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich William L. Shirer Book Club Associates -
For Fuhrer and Fatherland Roderick De Normann Wrens Park 0-905-77819-7
Achtung - Panzer! Major-General Heinz Guderian Arms & Amour Press 1-854-09282-0
The Faber Book of Treachery Nigel West Faber & Faber 0-571-17332-2
Executioner: Pierrepoint Albert Pierrepoint Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-21307-8
The Longest Tunnel Alan Burgess Bloomsbury 0-747-50954-9
The Great Escape Paul Brickhill Faber & Faber 0-571-06895-2
The Bomber Command War Diaries Martin Middlebrook & Chris Everitt Penguin-Viking 0-670-80137-2
RAF Bomber Command Losses 1939-1945 W.R. Chorley Midland Counties Publications -
We will Remember Them Alex Mettler & Gerry Woodcock Tavistock & District Local History Society 0-954-42841-2
Bravest of Hearts: Liverpool Scottish in the Great War Hal Giblin, David Evans & Dennis Reeves Winordie Publications 0-953-95400-5
Prisoners of War Major Pat Reid & Maurice Michael Chancellor Press 0-753-70383-1
The Naked Island Russell Braddon Pan Books 0-330-02169-9
The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop E.E. Dunlop Penguin Books 0-140-12861-1
Dictionary of Disasters at Sea in the Age of Steam 1824 - 1962 Charles Hocking The London Stamp Exchange 0-948-13068-7
Above Us the Waves C.E.T Warren & James Benson George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd -
Operation Freshman Richard Wiggan William Kimber & Co. Ltd 0-718-30571-X
The Korean War Max Hastings Pan Books 0-330-39066-X
The Rosenberg File: A Search for The Truth Ronald Radosh & Joyce Milton Weidenfeld & Nicholson 0-297-78303-3
The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) 1919 - 1952 P.K. Kemp Gale & Polden -
Slim: The Standard Bearer Ronald Lewin Wordsworth Editions Ltd 1-840-22214-X
Defeat into Victory Field Marshal Viscount Slim Pan Books 0-330-39066-X
10 Rillington Place Ludovic Kennedy Harper Collins 0-586-03428-5
The Murderer's Who's Who J.H.H Gaute and R Odell George G. Harrap & Co Ltd 0-245-53199-8
Roger Casement Brian Inglis The Blackstaff Press 0-856-40510-8
Shot in The Tower Leonard Sellers Leo Cooper 0-085-05255-3.5
1916 Rebellion Handbook Declan Kiberd The Morne River Press 1-902-09005-5
The Hangman's Tale Syd Dernley with David Newman Pan Books 0-330-31633-8
The Hangman's Diary Rocky Stockman Headline 0-747-24015-9
Shadow of the Gallows Justin Atholl John Long Limited -
The Jack the Ripper A to Z Paul Begg, Martin Fido & Keith Skinner Headline 0-747-24445-6
The Murders of the Black Museum 1870 - 1970 Gordon Honeycombe Arrow Books Limited 0-099-38350-0
Hanratty: The Final Verdict Bob Woffinden Macmillan 0-333-71015-0
Brave Railwaymen Allan Stanistreet Token Publishing Ltd 1-870-19203-6
The Register of the George Cross - This England Books 0-906-32417-3
The Register of the Victoria Cross - This England Books 0-906-32407-6
Deeds That Thrill The Empire - - -
Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1914 - 1920 R.W. Walker Midland Medals 1981 0-907-45500-X
Dragons can be Defeated Major D.V. Henderson Spink & Son Ltd 0-907-60514-1
The Story of The George Cross Brigadier The Rt. Hon. Sir John Smyth Arthur Baker 213-76307-9
British Battles & Medals E.C. Joslin, A.R. Litherland & B.T. Simpkin Spink & Son Ltd 0-907-60525-7
The Boer War Thomas Packenham Sphere Books Ltd 0-747-409756-5


The following issues of the "After The Battle" magazine have been extremely useful in the production of this web site. Click on the magazine's name to visit their web site.

Issue Number 11: "German Spies in Britain"

Issue Number 32: "Operation Ambassador Commando Raid on Guernsey"

Issue Number 45: "Telemark Recreated"

Issue Number 85: "From the Editor"


While I do check that the sites listed are still available, they are all outside my control. They are all worth a visit if you wish to find out more information. If you do find that a link no longer works then please contact me.

The Cabinet Secretariat, part of the Cabinet Office, coordinates the award process for civilian gallantry medals and awards made through the Honours Lists which are issued at such times as the New Year and the Queen's Birthday. Their web site also includes a comprehensive list illustrating the precedence of honours and medals, as well as recent instances of gallantry awards.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission contains a register of Commonwealth Country's service men and women who died in both world wars. They also have a list of UK civilians who died in the 1939-45 war as a result of enemy action, but these civilian casualties have no burial location specified by the CWGC.

The Veteran Affairs Canada web site contains a great deal of information relating to memorials and cemeteries which commemorate Canada's war dead. It covers memorials and cemeteries located throughout the world, which are concerned with Canadian casualties. It also explains, among numerous other subjects, the medals and other awards won by Canadian service personnel past and present.

The Aircrew Remembrance Society has an excellent website dedicated to remembering the sacrafices made by aircrew during World War Two. They also assist in trying to locate the remains of aircrew lost during World War Two.

The web site for the London Gazette newspaper provides a facility to search the editions published during both world wars. This can be used to provide more information about gallantry and other gazetted notices.

The South Atlantic Medal 1982 Assocaition (SAMA82) web site is recommended for anyone with an interest in the conflict or the service personnel and civilians who took part and were killed during the conflict. The web site also includes very useful links to other service associations.

An excellent web site dealing with British conflicts after WWII can be found at "Britain's Small Wars" web site.

Masato Kajimoto's excellent article about the killings at Nanking can be found here.

The "Capital Punishment (UK)" web site presents a great deal of very well researched information about capital punishment in the UK and other parts of the world. A sister web site is also operated which cover capital punishment in the USA.

An excellent web site, especially for geneologists, is located at "The Murder Files". The web site contains a lot of useful information for people who wish to find out more information about events which may have occured in their family's history.

An excellent web site for tracking down old or out-or-print editions is located at They provide a web-based search of bookseller around the world. You can search the database, free of charge, and if the books is located they then provide the contact details of the book seller. This enables you to contact the seller and arrange purchase of the publication.

The web site for London's Metropolitan Police Force contains a large amount of historial information about the formation of the Met and its role in policing London.

The "Shot at Dawn" website contains a great deal of useful information about the soldiers who were executed during World War I, the continuing campaign for their posthumous pardon and the National Arboretum which remembers their sacrifice.

The Police Roll of Honour Trust was established to produced a roll of honour which commemorates all those police officers that have died in the course of their duties in the UK, regardless of how the death was caused.

The Orders and Medals Research Society is a well recommended organisation for those people interested in orders, medals and decorations issued not just by the UK but from countries around the world.

The Friends of the Green Howards web site contains a great deal of information about this famous army regiment, and would be of especial interest to ex- and current members of the regiment.

The Life Saving Awards Research Society is an excellent society for those people who are interested in the numerous awards that have been introduced for recognising the saving of life. This society also studies the numerous awards that have been introduced by numerous organisations and companies.

The Glider Pilot Regiment 1942-45 web site contains a great deal of very interesting and relevant material.

The Victoria Cross Reference web site contains the details of all the Victoria Cross medals that have been awarded.

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School has a huge amount of documentation dealing with various war crime matter in their 20th century section.

The Wise Old Saying site has an excellent collection of of wise quotes, proverbs and sayings gathered from all over the world.

An extremely interesting series of articles about a school's former pupils, who were subsequently awarded the Victoria Cross, can be found at the web site for Summer Field School.

The Find A Grave web site provides a useful reference for locating the final resting place of several famous people. The site can be easily searched by the person's surname, country of burial and location of burial.

"The Carpetbagger Photographic Archives" web site is well worth a visit. It contains a great deal of varied and detailed information.

The U-35 web site contains a very detailed biography of this U-Boat and its crew members. It provides a great deal of information about their imprisonment in the UK and Canada.

The Aspals Legal Pages site contains a wide variety of interesting information regarding various military legal issues and modern cases. There is also a selection of links to other relevant sites.

The History Net contains several very comprehensive articles concerning the American-mounted World War Two war crimes trials.

The Korean War Veterans National Museum & Library web site contains a great deal of reference material about the Korean War. However, it does concentrate on the American involvement in Korea.

The China News Digest (CND) contains information concerning Japanese atrocities in China.

The Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust contains material relating to the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust. It also has some very brief biographies of the leading instigators. The historical content is aimed at a very basic school audience.

The Court TV web site contains a very interesting retrospective look at the IMT trial.

The Nizkor web site contains a great deal of information about the Holocaust and the IMT trial. It also has a great deal of information about Adolf Eichmann's trial in Israel.

The Ravensbrück Memorial Museum web site contains information in German, English, French, Italian and Polish.

The Auschwitz website contains a great deal of information in English and Polish.

The Dachau Concentration Memorial Web Site contains information in both German and English.

The Anne Frank web site contains very comprehensive details about Anne Frank and her family.

A very interesting site concerning the execution of British & Commonwealth soldiers executed during World War One can be found at a site titled "Executed for Example".

For an in-depth article about the Great Escape visit Rob Davis' Great Escape article.

For a very brief article about the research for a proposed television program, visit Bob Pendleton's web site.

For details about the Rosenbergs and their trial, visit The Trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg web site.

For a web site dealing with numerous conflicts that have involved the British armed forces, click here.

The Amnesty International web site. This site contains background information about Amnesty International, and its various campaigns including its campaign against the use of capital punishment.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission's web site has information about this organisation's role in considering potential miscarriages of justice, and their referral to the appropriate court of appeal. The site also includes details about cases submitted for its consideration.

An extremely interesting site about Guy Walters and his publication "Traitor" can be found at his web site.

The Forensic Linguistic Institute web site contains some useful information about the study and interpretation of various legal texts.

The London Gazette newspaper web site contains a great deal of information about the newspaper, which has been published in the UK since 1665.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland official web site contains information about their policing role in Northern Ireland.

The UK's Home Office This is the body ultimately responsible for the UK prison system.

The BBC (News) has a superb site which, in addition to current World & UK news, allows you to search their archive of previous web site articles.

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