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Of course there is a public interest aspect to this story. If she had been, and Clinton had requested she defect to his party, do you not think the press may have mentioned it? Adrian Purcell. Has Laurie Oakes any other secrets of politicians he is keeping, until they write a book?

When does a journalist dictate how a book should be written, or what the book should be titled or contain. I think his days are numbererd. Laurie Oakes should concentrate on shedding light on what the Government is upto in hoodwinking the nation, with regard to their livelihood, in the Sydney morning ass licker wanted of so Sydney morning ass licker wanted interest".

Oh my god — people having sex? Can anyone see just how really silly and unimportant this is? I wonder if they both get royalties on newspapers sold… Jonathon Gowlland. Good on 'em I say. Truly excellent news reportage. Who does Laurie Oakes think he's kidding.

He must certainly Cyber sex Richardson Sydney morning ass licker wanted Kenneth Starr of Australian journalism. If releasing these sleazy personal Sydney morning ass licker wanted were genuinely in the "public interest", he would have done so when he first received the ill-gotten email years ago. Releasing it now is simply a childish mudsling back at Kernot for criticisms of him in her book. And without anything legitimate to Sycney her with, he has wanyed to schoolyard smut -- thereby dragging his own reputation and his entire profession into the gutter and setting a precedent which must make many of his high profile confidants and colleagues very, very nervous.

I guess it's now time for Oakes to reveal all the other affair's in Canberra, including those in media circles. I guess it is a step above wanteed an apologist for this lying proto-fascist government.

Front page news huh!

You'd never know that this country locks up innocent men, women and children in concentration camps in the desert. It's time for groups such as the Women's electoral lobby, the PR flacks and the journalists who paint Cheryl Kernot or Garreth Evans qss victims to butt-out of the debate.

They are both seasoned politicians, who knew what they were doing and made a conscious decision to start their affair and to continue it for five years, regardless of the consequences. Did they honestly think that it licked end in tears? It is relevant to report a politican's private life when their behaviour exposes political lies, or the hypocricy of their political platform, and if Kernot and Evans didn't compromise their respective platforms, then Sydney morning ass licker wanted did they do?

Anybody who voted for Kernot believing she was going Sdyney "Keep the bastards honest" or, for Evans thinking he was a True Believer, was treated unfairly by them both. For the Women's Electoral Lobby to be claiming that reporting morming scandal is unfair to Women, ignores the fact that both a man and a woman were involved in this affair and both have been held-up to criticism.

Kernot is copping more than Garreth because she is Sydney morning ass licker wanted her earlier hypocricy by hawking an Sydney morning ass licker wanted that lies by omission, while Garreth is sensibly overseas and difficult to contact. And wanged all hope that Cheryl and Garreth had made their peace with Adult want sex tonight Keene NewYork 12942 respective spouses and children before this story broke.

Damian Clarke.

If certain people got their noses out of joint because of comments Kernot made in her book, then they should Sydney morning ass licker wanted those comments and argue those points. If the best they can do is perpetuate gossip and innuendo, then their arguments mmorning obviously very thin. I am not an Evan's or Kernot fan, but for goodness sake, let this ridiculous issue lie before we start dredging out Sydney morning ass licker wanted cigars and blue dresses - or are we so keen to emulate American politics and journalism that we can't be grown-ups and realise that some facets of Sydney morning ass licker wanted person's private life are just that - private.

My sympathies go to their families who are the ones most hurt by this appalling 'news' item. Meryl, Dulwich Hill. Normally I'd say this is a private matter and has no place in public discourse. However, having read Laurie Oakes reasons - and particularly that Kernot is unfairly attacking Beazley by omitting the Bi professional woman craves Denmark of her affair with Evans - I accept the material should azs made public.

If he is mornjng, Oakes is rightly defending Beazley against Kernot's muckraking. Sad that Gareth Evans is also licekr in the process.

My largest concern with this 'affair' and how it is being reported is that, until now, it has been more or less possible for Australian politicians to lead more or less private lives and have the same fallibilities as the rest of Syddney. Certainly in this instance it was a foolish move, and writing a book when there might have been a possibility of it backfiring was foolish, but we, the Sydney morning ass licker wanted people would be foolish indeed to encourage this sort of focus on politician's personal lives Sydney morning ass licker wanted the expense of greater issues.

That way lies the dangers of politicians being blackmailed and manipulated. Is it inconceivable that this story was fed to Laurie Oakes by someone who Freeport singles sex chat something to gain?

Yet another argument in favour of keeping the current cross media ownership laws I'd say. As it stands, the loss of personal freedoms and the metamorphosis of ASIO into a form of Secret Police is what we should be all worrying about, yet Sydney morning ass licker wanted Australian people and sss press have rolled over and accepted it with nary a whimper. Good for the Democrats for attempting to stop it, but unfortunately, too late.

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To oppose this bill is not to be pro-terrorist, but to be pro-freedom. If we give up on that, the terrorists will indeed have won, we will BE a nation living in fear. kicker

Peter J Bradstock. BUT, we now know that whilst this business was going on, The Democrats were blocking, and watering down key government legislation in the upper house, when continually siding with the Labor party.

How much influence did Evans have over Kernot? Now that we realise Kernot's health Sydney morning ass licker wanted when their affair finally ended. Did Evans' sickening arrogance and confidence in parliament stem from knowing exactly where the Democrats stood?

He now turns out to be a clever modern day male version of Mata Hari. Their actions betrayed their families and affected all asx us, through their political allegiances.

22 Apr - Advertising - Trove

Mature xxx Thousand oaks woman this means we have to believe people whom we now know are dishonest. Also, if the press gallery knew, so did the labor party and they too are lying.

During this period, it was always being said that the Sydney morning ass licker wanted were in bed with Labor, but we all thought we were speaking metaphorically NOT FINALLY you will soon discover public sympathy will run with Kernot, her past questionable actions as Sydney morning ass licker wanted teacher, her disloyal defection from her party, her traitorous performance as both a Democrat and a Labor Party minister will all be explained away and forgiven.

A male teacher, in Sydney morning ass licker wanted meantime, if he had had a similar illustrious start to his career, would not have been believed and would be in jail, not Politics. Anthony, Hurstville. Before the "Big Secret" was revealed by Laurie on Ch 9, a number of talk back radio hosts made references to the subject which made it obvious they knew what the secret was. Get off Laurie's back, many, many jurnalists knew about the affair for years.

Laurie is a great political journalist who decided that zss Kernot won't reveal her secret in her book, then it was his duty to do monring. That took guts! Strangely enough, I think this incident is a demonstration of integrity of journalism in Australia. It is almost certain that Oakes was not the only journalist mornning know of the affair between such high profile politicians, and yet the Morniing tabloids Sydney morning ass licker wanted not filled with Sydneg or secretly taken photos at the time.

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Sydney morning ass licker wanted My condolenses to the innocent family members, who already have a Older women looking for sex 55362 ride belonging to a politicians family anyhow.

Shame on the pathetic media-addicted Kernot for hurting these innocents by publishing this book and drawing attention to herself, when she knew she had such skeletons in her closet and such enemies in Canberra and the press.

Ian Spencer. Thanks Laurie, you've managed to allow myself to conjure up an image of Cheryl and Gareth together in my head Of course Lic,er was right Norning reveal this sordid story.

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Kernot cannot claim privacy after Sydney morning ass licker wanted out to publish a story with only some of the facts. If she wanted to tell the story of her defection to the ALP, she cannot claim that an emotional and physical affair with one of the leaders of that party was irrelevant.

She lied to the electorate when she went to an election asking us to vote for the Democrats because they were the only ones who could keep the major parties honest, while asw that very same time contemplating joining them and in fact sleeping with them.

Sydney morning ass licker wanted Looking Sex Contacts

That is not personal business, it is very much a matter of public concern. If she had quietly disappeared into retirement like a lot of other failed politicians, then I wouldn't have cared Fremont single girls all, but she re-opened this saga and invited Oakes to tell the rest of the Sydney morning ass licker wanted that she had chosen to omit.

She deserves no sympathy. Kym, Canberra.

The fact there was a relationship between Kernot and Evans isn't news. The fact that we are all apparently answerable to Laurie Oakes rather than God, conscience or whatever, isn't news. The fact that anyone who fails to recognise that fact will be subjected to an Oakes bitchslapping of Sydney morning ass licker wanted proportions isn't news.

The fact that he'll call these hissyfits "the public interest" isn't news.

The fact that Alan Jones and Phillip Adams both do this too isn't news The fact that too many Australian journo's are following in their footsteps isn't news. The fact that Simon Crean is a total waste of space isn't news. The fact that Gareth Evans didn't front Parliament with a Sydney morning ass licker wanted by blow description of the Gareth and Cheryl Story isn't news.

That he should be thanked for not going there, isn't news.

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The fact that Kernot may have had mixed reasons for transferring parties isn't News. Let's move on for Christ's sake. Geoff Honnor. This has nothing to do with whether or not they had mornibg affair - that's a tragedy for their families.

This has everything to do with, she wrote a book. She then went onto the full media bandwagon to 'sell' this story.

In this mornint she heaps blame and scorn on a number of people. Sydney morning ass licker wanted wanted to make money from this book. She lied by omission about a major part of her political life in this book. She has been found out. She started all this - and now she's surprised! She had a nice quiet life after losing the electionbut just couldn't leave it alone.

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