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This section deals with German Spies caught in the UK during the First World War (1914-18).

Click here to view information regarding espionage activity in the UK during the Second World War (1939-45).

Defence of the Realm Acts

German spies that were caught in the UK during World War One (1914-8) were dealt with under various sections of the Defence of the Realm legislation. It was for acts committed under this law, that the leaders of the Irish Easter Uprising were courts-martialled. Roger Casement, who was tried and executed in 1916, was tried under the High Treason Act.

The condemned spies were shot by firing squad either in the old miniature rifle range in The Tower of London or The Tower's ditch. The rifle range was demolished for office space in 1969, and later converted into car-parking space. All the executed spies were buried in East London Cemetery, in Plaistow, London.

The following table list the people executed by firing squad at the Tower of London during World War One. Those people whose trial records I have examined, have their own page (list on the left-hand side).

Name Trial Type Executed
Karl Lody Courts-Martial 6 November 1914
C.F. Muller Old Bailey 23 June 1915
W.J. Roos courts-martial 30 July 1915
H.P.M. Janseen courts-martial 30 July 1915
E.W. Melin courts-martial 10 September 1915
A.A. Roggin courts-martial 17 September 1915
F. Buschman courts-martial 19 September 1915
G.T. Breeckow Old Bailey 26 October 1915
I.G. Ries courts-martial 27 October 1915
A. Meyer courts-martial 2 December 1915
L.H. Zender courts-martial 11 April 1916
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